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Persona Original Soundtrack & Arrange Album


3 discs, 143 minutes total

Disc 1 (66 minutes)

  1. Persona (Arranged version)
  2. Deva Yuga (Arranged Version)
  3. Poem of Everybody's Souls
  4. Transitory Butterfly
  5. Touching Unhappiness
  6. Rage
  7. A Girl at the Window
  8. Awakening Legend
  9. Maki
  10. No. 1
  11. Cheerful Shopping District
  12. Toy&Joy
  13. Child Abuse
  14. AIAI Shopping
  15. 1000 ri of moles
  16. Stillness before
  17. Dark Shopping District
  18. Electric Brain Travel
  19. Mark
  20. Black Kid
  21. A city, Sebeku
  22. Remembrance
  23. God Taker
  24. Deva Yuga
  25. Song of Everybody's Soul
  26. Persona

Disc 2 (63 minutes)

  1. Snow Queen (Arranged Version)
  2. Song of Satomi Tadashi's Drug Store (Arranged Version)
  3. Battle (Arranged Version)
  4. Snow Queen
  5. Educational Institution
  6. Brown
  7. Night-cry of the Forest
  8. Ayase
  9. Dead Line
  10. Song of Satomi Tadashi's Drug Store
  11. Saeko
  12. Majin...Forever
  13. Erie
  14. Sennen-Mannen Road
  15. Dense Forest
  16. Invasion
  17. Quiet Notch
  18. Battle
  19. Monochrome
  20. Rosacandila
  21. Freezing Mind
  22. Devil, Sing!
  23. Black Snow
  24. Night Queen
  25. Snow Story
  26. Reminiscence - Departure

Disc 3 (14 minutes)

  1. Exhibiting the Character Voice Compilation
  • Released Apr 18, 1997 by First Smile Entertainment (catalog no. FSCA-10003, retail 2800 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


What are you living for?

Reader review by Ghaleon

This soundtrack is definitely one of the Crem de le Crem. If you like techno music at all, this CD has a few tunes that fit into that. It has some beautiful piano in a couple tracks, and just plain 'feel good' music. The whole soundtrack is only missing two tunes from the game (that I know of), which were the hospital theme and some other theme you hear throughout the game.

Included with the original tracks are six arranged tracks. They're arranged so well they're almost different songs completely! The package also includes a 3" mini CD with voices of monsters!

If you're a Persona fan, buy this soundtrack. Even if you're not, you would still enjoy it. And ya gotta love that pharmacy music!

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