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Pop'n Twinbee Graffiti


71 minutes total
  1. Colors (Stage 6 Remix)
  2. Fantasian (Stage 5 Remix)
  3. Twin Memories (Stage 1 Remix)
  4. ?? (Stage 2 Remix)
  5. ?? (Stage 4 Remix)
  6. Eternal Planets (Ending Remix)
  7. Pop'n Twinbee (Title)
  8. Madoka SOS! (Intro)
  9. ?? (Option Select)
  10. Twin Memories (Stage 1 BGM)
  11. ?? (Stage 2 BGM)
  12. ?? (Stage 3 BGM)
  13. ?? (Stage 4 BGM)
  14. Sky Avenue (Stage 5 BGM)
  15. ?? (Stage 6 BGM)
  16. ?? (Stage 7 BGM)
  17. ?? (Boss 1 BGM)
  18. ?? (Boss 2 BGM)
  19. ?? (End Boss)
  20. Intermission Part 1
  21. Intermission Part 2
  22. Continue?
  23. Game Over
  24. High Score
  25. Eternal Planets (Ending BGM)
  26. Madoka Drama
  27. Fantasian (Karaoke)
  • Released Jun 23, 1993 by King Records (catalog no. KICA-7614, retail 3000 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Light-hearted Konami fun, but a bit dry.

Reader review by Kurt Kalata

Pop'n Twinbee is one of my favorite shooters on the SNES/Super Famicom platform, of course never released in America. Pop'n Twinbee Graffiti includes a lot of neat stuff - there's the entire original soundtrack, a handful of remix tracks, and a short drama track from one of the main characters of the game, the cute little girl Madoka.

Anyone who's ever played a Twinbee game knows the sort of music to expect - fast paced, light and fun, though lacking in any powerful percussion (it's mostly horns and strings). The original soundtrack is pretty good, with my favorite tune hands-down being the first track. Even if the tracks do fit the cuteness of the game, many of the tunes just aren't too exciting and lack the typical oomph in Konami soundtracks. It's still by no means bad though.

The remix tunes are actually the first couple tracks on the CD. Here some of the themes are redone with other instruments, usually a bit slower in tempo. The second one, "Fantasian", even has vocals. Unfortunately, with the exception of one of them, I personally found them to be rather dull and boring. They're much jazzier than the original music, but somehow not as fun.

I appreciate the extra music that Konami put on the CD so that this isn't your typical Super Famicom game OST, but I would have preferred more exciting remixes myself. So the value of this CD then rests heavily on the BGM music, which is still pretty decent. While I won't go out of my way to recommend this CD heavily, Pop'n Twinbee Graffiti is still good for Konami and Twinbee fans.

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