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Soul Blader


  • Yukihide Takeawa (composition)


58 minutes total
  1. Invitation to the Overworld [3:06]
  2. God's Shrine [3:13]
  3. Lonely Town [1:44]
  4. The Mine [3:11]
  5. Into the dream [2:30]
  6. World of Demons [2:15]
  7. Lively Town [1:55]
  8. World of Soul Blader [3:23]
  9. Lostside Marsh [2:22]
  10. Rotting Temple [2:51]
  11. Seabed of St. Elles [2:32]
  12. Solitary Island [2:46]
  13. Ice Field of Lanoyle [3:14]
  14. Leo's Laboratory [2:41]
  15. Magridd Castle [2:21]
  16. Dazzling Space [2:49]
  17. The Battle for Liberation [1:15]
  18. Demon King Deathtoll [3:07]
  19. Peaceful Days [3:04]
  20. A Night Without a Lover [3:03]
  21. A Night Without a Lover [4:44]
  • Released Feb 21, 1992 by Apollon (catalog no. APCG-4021, retail 2599 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


A good mix of melodic and upbeat songs, although the instrument sounds could use some work.

Reader review by Colin Day

This CD features twenty original sound tracks from the SNES Soulblazer. Track 21 is an arranged version of the ending song. The OSV tracks range from slow melodic compositions all the way to down right *funky* music. To be honest I didn't remember the funky tracks from the game so they really took me by surprise, but after listening to the whole thing a few times they really grew on me.

Bouncy and rocking and sometimes beautiful.

Essential Listening

Reader review by Jon Turner

The music to Soul Blazer, one of my all time favorite games in the past, instantly drew me in when I played it. I had always wanted to get a soundtrack of it. This CD contains *all* of the OSV tracks from Soul Blazer. Yukihide Takeawa, the composer of the game's music, is one composer to highly praise for doing such a spectacular job in the game's musical score. The tracks are bouncy and rocking and some are beautiful, like "Lover from the Endless Night". That track is in a pop-style tempo, but the melody is beautiful and soothing for an evening's rest. At the end of the CD, there is a majestically arranged version of the same tune performed on high quality synthesizers and heartpounding drums and instruments... plus Japanese lyrics written and sung by Yukihide Takeawa himself! Beautiful... beautiful! The album is surprisingly still available in Japan, so Soul Blazer fans are highly recommended to pick this one up.

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