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Synphonic Suite from Actraiser


  • Yuzo Koshiro (composition, arrangement)
  • Kaoru Wada (orchestration)
  • Shinsei Nihon Symphony Orchestra (performance)


30 minutes total
  1. Opening ~Sky Castle ~ Blood Pool ~ Casandora
  2. Intermizzo I
  3. Filmoa
  4. Intermizzo II
  5. Aitos ~ Temple ~ Advent ~ World Tree
  6. Intermizzo III
  7. Pyramid ~ Marana ~ Silence ~ North Wall
  8. Birth of the People ~ Offering
  9. The Beast Appears ~ Powerful Enemy ~ Satan
  10. Peaceful World ~ Ending
  • Released Sep 21, 1991 by GMO Records (catalog no. ALCA-182, retail 2500 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Absolutely terrific symphonic arrangement of a classic soundtrack.

Essential Listening

Reader review by Jon Turner

This orchestrated version of ActRaiser is a treat to fans who have played the game. All of the familiar songs from the classic Super NES game are here, from the epic, John Williams-ish overture to the spectacular finale. The only difference is that these tunes are performed by a live orchestra. The songs themselves are masterfully done and worth every single minute of listening. And to hear them performed by a symphony orchestra is a dream come true, especially since the original game versions sounded so similar to a symphony orchestra.

The performance by the Shinsei Nihon Symphony Orchestra is excellent, and all the songs are identical to the original compositions. They're all excellent, and worth listening to again and again. My personal favorite track is track nine, a very impressive suite of all the three exciting, furious battle songs from the game.

Surprisingly, the arrangement of "Fillmore" on this album reminds me somewhat of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos, without the harpsichords and with a full orchestra. I didn't expect this kind of treatment to one of the most rocking tracks in the game, but on the other hand, it still sounds so much like the original and is done very well.

The only problem with this album is that it's too short. An enjoyable endeavor such as this should be twice the length. This same kind of problem can be found in Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy, in that the album was so terrific that one cannot help but feel depressed when it finally comes to a close. Still, the CD is every bit as much a classic as the game; if you can ever find it anywhere, don't miss it.

Short, but composed and performed with exceptional grace.

Reader review by Colin Day

As the name of the CD implies, this is a fully orchestrated soundtrack from the Super Nintendo game "Actraiser". In my opinion this is one of the best orchestrated soundtracks I have heard (so far at least). The Final Fantasy Celtic Moon and Grand Finale CDs just pale in comparason next to this because they don't have enough instruments. This Actraiser CD is done with a full orchestra so everything sounds full and bright. I place it at the same level of Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite. The songs themselves are a brilliant creation from Yuzo Koshiro ranging from soft and soothing to fast and powerful. If you like orchestrated soundtracks and can ever find this CD somewhere I highly recommend picking it up.

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