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Threads of Fate Music Selection



5 minutes total
  1. Threads of Fate Theme
  2. A Sign
  3. Rue and Claire
  4. Threads of Fate (Title)
  5. Wonderful Premonition
  • Released in 2000 by Squaresoft (catalog no. 3TP-0022K, retail promo).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Definitely not one of Squaresoft's finest moments.

Reader review by Josh Brown

About a month ago, I had heard about the rather stingy promo disc to Legend of Mana, and with caution, I placed Threads of Fate Music Selection in my disc player. After seeing the length of the disc I was at first incredulous, then angry. Was this some kind of practical joke? Five minutes of music?

No joke. This is more of a nightmare for fans who actually expected something out of this disc.

As for the disc itself, there are only two relatively full-length tracks, and the other three are unsatisfyingly tiny. The music is peppy, about what we should expect for an action-adventure game, although there is one track that stands out from the rest and that is "Rue and Claire". It's the only track that carries a sentimental feeling. The rest are pretty much in your face, and I seriously think Squaresoft could have picked a *lot* better tracks than what we we're stuck with here.

Oh well. Here's hoping that the Chrono Cross promo disc can do *something* with the material.

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