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Treasure Hunter G Original Soundtrack



2 discs, 145 minutes total

Disc 1 (71 minutes)

  1. Gemini Wing
  2. Hamarira Hahihi
  3. There Goes That Shameful Daizaburou
  4. My Rural Town
  5. Well, Let's Get Out There And Fight!
  6. The World's Cavern 1
  7. 'Somehow, Something Doesn't Look Quite Right...'
  8. The Absence Of My Father From My Childhood (Preview)
  9. Go! Go! Kids
  10. A Drink To Victory
  11. An Enticing Town
  12. Hey You, What Time Is It?
  13. Piano Skill Level 1
  14. Piano Skill Level 2
  15. Piano Skill Level 3
  16. Piano Skill Level 4
  17. Theme From 'Mountain-San'
  18. Urgently, Get There In A Hurry.
  19. Come Here! I Defend You
  20. Ponga's Violin Performance
  21. Surrounded By Forest 1
  22. The Absence Of My Father From My Childhood
  23. What Thoughts Do You Have In The Treasure Room?
  24. Conquer The World!
  25. The Teacher's Elegy
  26. Just Like The Mountain, He Will Not Move
  27. This Is Also Training
  28. 'I Memorized My Multiplication'
  29. It Has Been A Long Time Since Someone Called Me A Magician
  30. Peaceful Sleep
  31. Yearning For Love (Preview)
  32. Defeated Treasure Hunters
  33. Upscale Harbor Town
  34. 'Hey Darlin', Aren't You Gonna Come Any Closer?'
  35. Go Red Team! Go White Team! Rah Rah Rah!!
  36. 'A Woman, Huh? Remember It's Important To Set The Right 'Mood'!'
  37. The World's Cavern 2
  38. Found an OOPART (Out-Of-Place-Artifact)
  39. Surrounded By Forest 2
  40. Whose Cat Is This?
  41. Buddhist
  42. Haririririiiii
  43. Dance! Dance! Dance!
  44. Bossa Nova Of Love
  45. 'Can't Screw Up The Order'
  46. Of My Life, I Regret Nothing
  47. Mad Science
  48. Psycho Beasts
  49. The World's Cavern 3
  50. A Hearty Welcome To The Pyramid Investigation Group
  51. Muruowaan

Disc 2 (74 minutes)

  1. Demi Human Battle
  2. There Is Nothing Else We Can Do Except Sing
  3. Relax, Relax
  4. The Queen Says 'Wait'
  5. 'Wow, What A Story'
  6. The Turtle Samurai Appears
  7. Heading West To Escape My Past
  8. Dead Town
  9. The Attack Of Rising Water On Bichuu Takamatsu Castle
  10. The World's Cavern 4
  11. The Road To Survival
  12. Sad Freedom
  13. Winged Maiden
  14. Love's Escape
  15. An Illicit Fishing Boat And A Russian Patrol Ship
  16. A Position Of Total Control
  17. A Former Kagonari
  18. I Might Die
  19. Apprentice Of Balladry
  20. Emperor of Balladry
  21. It Is Raining On The Peninsula Of Magahama
  22. Around The World
  23. Gemini Wing
  24. Hamarira Hahihi
  25. Ther Goes That Shameful Daizaburou
  26. Go! Go! Kids
  27. Buddhist
  28. Mururowaan
  29. Demi Human Battle
  30. An Illicit Fishing Boat And A Russian Patrol Ship
  31. A Former Kagonari
  32. I Might Die
  33. Apprentice of Balladry
  34. Emperor Of Balladry
  35. It Is Raining On The Peninsula of Magahama
  • Released Jun 9, 1996 by NTT (catalog no. PSCN-5051~2, retail 3300 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


A wonderfully diverse score from a group of mostly newcomers that won't disappoint.

Reader review by Adam Page

Chock up another excellent SNES OSV from Squaresoft. No one can utilize the full potential of the SNES sound hardware like the musical geniuses at Square, and here is yet another soundtrack that proves it. Technically, the composers belong to Sting - the company that actually developed the game (Square just published it) - and the sound was programmed not by Minoru Akao (the sound programmer for virtually every Square game to date), but by newcomer John Pee. But the two composers who scored what I consider the best Treasure Hunter G tracks are now part of the Square musical family. The composers I'm speaking of are Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata. These guys strutted their stuff on the Ogre Battle and Tactics Ogre OSVs, and have now been drafted to create the score for Final Fantasy Tactics on the PlayStation. And as anyone who's played the Tobal demo disc knows, they're off to a damn fine start.

Like the Final Fantasy series (FFVI in particular), this soundtrack represents a wide spectrum of styles. You've got your orchestral epic music, your raucous rock, your soothing ballads, your... bossa nova??! Yep - there's a whole Music History 101 class crammed into this OSV. There are few tracks on these discs that could be categorized as "bad". At the end of the second disc is a bonus that also appeared on the Ogre Battle OSV - the MIDI originals of a select group of tracks (those composed by Sakimoto and Iwata specifically - must be a trademark of theirs). These MIDI tracks are superior to their OSV counterparts in terms of sound quality, but otherwise are exactly the same.

The only disappointment for some buyers of this title will be the same that many American game music fans have already faced: no game experience to attach the music to. Many have wrongfully criticized the FFV OSV simply because they have not played the game and therefore have no emotional or nostalgic investment. As a guy who has played and beaten Treasure Hunter G - I can tell you that we missed out. And although I have played the game, and consequently have a vested interest in the soundtrack, I would have bought this two-disc set anyway. And my guess is that after listening to a few tracks, your interest will be, at least, aroused. You can't listen to "Wow, What A Story" or "Emperor of Balladry" and tell me that it isn't good music. It's *excellent*.

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