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Virtua Cop Soundtracks


2 discs, 90 minutes total

Disc 1 (42 minutes)

  1. Night City
  2. Virtua Cop
  3. Advertise
  4. Stage Select
  5. Arms Black Market
  6. Kong
  7. Underground Weapon Storage
  8. King
  9. Gang Headquarters
  10. President
  11. FANG
  12. F I N
  13. Name Entry
  14. Game Over
  15. Stage Clear
  16. Rage
  17. Smarty
  18. Time (Not Used)

Disc 2 (48 minutes)

  1. Virtua Cop
  2. Advertise
  3. Stage Select
  4. Arms Black Market
  5. Kong
  6. Underground Weapon Storage
  7. King
  8. Gang Headquarters
  9. President
  10. Fang
  11. F I N
  12. Name Entry
  13. Game Over
  14. Stage Clear
  15. Go Ahead
  16. Stage Select
  17. Break Out
  18. Big Chase
  19. Escape
  20. High Pressure
  21. Look Out
  22. Save the Mayor
  23. The Dance of Death
  24. Crisis
  25. Rail Line Shootout
  26. Trap
  27. Dead Angel
  28. Reviving of Fang
  29. Ending - Intermission
  30. Name Entry
  31. Game Over
  32. Ending 2 - So Long (Not Used)
  33. Game Over 2 (Not Used)
  • Released Jan 24, 1996 by Futureland (catalog no. TYCY-5478-79, retail 3000 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Progressive beats and rock.

Reader review by James Wong

The Virtua Cop Soundtracks two disc set isn't exactly a disappointment, nor is it "one of the best I've heard". I sometimes wonder why people would want the Saturn music as well as the arcade version of Virtua Cop when the arcade has a better sound board (I suppose if you're a die hard fan then it's justified). Quibbles aside, the soundtracks are unique. The tunes have a hefty base rhythm along with steady percussion. Some tunes are rather cheesy (with one of the guys saying "Let's Go" and then "Be careful") but most are cool and run at a moderate to fast tempo. You can tell that there is synthesis in several of the tunes (in "Arms Black Market", I thought to myself, that the trumpet sure sounds funky at that high pitch). There really is not much to say about this set. If you've played VC at the arcades and you like the music, then this is for you. If not, then I'd save my money for something else.

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