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2 discs, 97 minutes total

Disc 1 (48 minutes)

  1. Opening-Title
  2. Ranking Display
  3. Player Select
  4. Map Demo.1
  5. Map Demo.2
  6. Next Enemy Demo
  7. Story Demo.1
  8. Greedia Stage
  9. Story Demo.2
  10. Story Demo.3
  11. Zipang Stage
  12. Level Up Demo
  13. Story Demo.4
  14. Story Demo.5
  15. Alanbird Stage
  16. Bonus Stage.1
  17. Story Demo.6
  18. Icelarn Stage
  19. Story Demo.7
  20. Story Demo.8
  21. Gora Stage
  22. Story Demo.9
  23. Story Demo.10
  24. Crypt Stage
  25. Bonus Stage.2
  26. Story Demo.11
  27. Story Demo.12
  28. Darminor Stage.1
  29. Story Demo.13
  30. Story Demo.14
  31. Darminor Stage.2
  32. Story Demo.15
  33. Darminor Stage.3
  34. Enemy's SE & Voice Section
  35. Gigi Original Track (bonus track.1)

Disc 2 (49 minutes)

  1. A New Warrior Approaches
  2. Leo Opening Theme
  3. Tabasa Opening Theme
  4. Tao Opening Theme.1
  5. Tao Opening Theme.2
  6. Mukuro Opening Theme
  7. Vs.
  8. Theme of Leo
  9. Leo Winning Theme
  10. Leo Ending Theme.1
  11. Leo Ending Theme.2
  12. Leo Ending Theme.3
  13. Theme of Tabasa
  14. Tabasa Winning Theme
  15. Tabasa Ending Theme.1
  16. Tabasa Ending Theme.2
  17. Tabasa Ending Theme.3
  18. Tabasa Ending Theme.4
  19. Theme of Tao
  20. Tao Winning Theme
  21. Tao Ending Theme.1
  22. Tao Ending Theme.2
  23. Tao Ending Theme.3
  24. Theme of Mukuro
  25. Mukuro Winning Theme
  26. Mukuro Ending Theme.1
  27. Mukuro Ending Theme.2
  28. Mukuro Ending Theme.3
  29. Ending Theme
  30. Continue
  31. Game Over
  32. Staff Roll
  33. Location Ending Theme
  34. Player's SE & Voice Collection
  35. NR & SE Section
  36. Leo Original Track (bonus track.2)
  37. Last Message~To Listener
  • Released Dec 18, 1996 by Victor (catalog no. VICL-40197~98, retail 3200 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Definitely not one of Capcom's best soundtracks.

Reader review by Abrahm

Normally, I'd have nothing but praise for a Capcom original soundtrack, especially after hearing the great music from games such as "Forgotten Worlds" and "Ghouls 'n Ghosts". I'd look forward to hearing catchy melodies played over the beautiful harmonies that Capcom is known for. With War-Zard though, I should have looked elsewhere.

What's really disappointing about War-Zard is that it sounds very similar to Vampire Hunter, one of Capcom's earlier (and disappointing) soundtracks. This is especially evident in the songs "Zipang Stage" and "Crypt Stage". Disc 2, which is mostly character themes, is no different. "Theme of Tao" sounds very much like Hsien-Ko's theme song, and the three "Mukuro Ending Theme" songs reminded me of Bishamon's music from "Vampire Hunter."

The similarities don't end there, though. "War-Zard" and "Vampire Hunter" also have the same sound quality, which, compared to that of most other arcade games, is average at best.

Sadly, the only shining moments of this soundtrack come when the CD booklet is opened. Inside is some nice color artwork of the main characters and bosses and the musical notation for "Theme of Leo".

The bottom line is that the War-Zard soundtrack is substandard and uninspired. Many other (and older) Capcom arcade games have much better music and are more worth buying.

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