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Wonder Project J2 Original Soundtrack


  • Akihiko Mori (composition)


61 minutes total
  1. Josette Of The Colro Forest (Arranged Version)
  2. Bon Voyage!~Land! Great Heavens! Melody (Arranged Version)
  3. Island Of Meetings and Partings (Arranged Version)
  4. Messala's Plans (Arranged Version)
  5. Siliconian's Shadow
  6. Theme of Colro Forest
  7. Goodbye Professor Jepette
  8. Josette Of The Colro Forest
  9. Island Of Meetings and Partings
  10. 'Oh The Very Feeling'
  11. Karen's Restaurant
  12. The Serious Worker
  13. Sweat! Service!
  14. Kurohige Appears!
  15. Blue Land Dance
  16. Bon Voyage!
  17. Land! Great Heavens!
  18. Racing Pocco
  19. Affection
  20. Lonesome
  21. Friends (Hakomi)
  22. Early Premonition
  23. Love
  24. To Have A Friend
  25. Over Forest, Roger
  26. Forbidding Blue
  27. Hurry! Revolution Corps!
  28. Messala's Plans
  29. Arrow Wareta Memory
  30. Run!
  31. Rejoice, People of Blue Island!
  32. Medusa Siliconian
  33. Counterattack!!
  34. The Morning Glow
  35. Depression on Green Land
  36. I Wish For 'J'...
  37. Reviving Grounds ~ Resurrection
  38. High Functioning System
  39. Meet Again
  40. Believe In Tomorrow...
  • Released Feb 26, 1997 by Toshiba EMI (catalog no. TOCT-9798, retail 2800 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


One of the better soundtracks for the Nintendo 64 shouldn't be missed!

Essential Listening

Reader review by Jon Turner

The Nintendo 64 is a superb videogame machine, and the music from its games I have played deserve a place of honor in the halls of video game composition. The same thing can be said for this CD, a soundtrack to Enix's Wonder Project J 2. Out of the N64 soundtracks I have, this is one of the better ones around because it is full of depth in composition and captures the spirit of the game itself.

For those of you who don't know, "Wonder Project J 2" is a game where you must teach a humanoid girl how to survive in the real world. Unfortunately, the game has never been released on our shores and probably never will be. That is unfortunate, because it is a touching concept. This score recaptures the warmth, beauty, suspense, and horror of the game.

The music is masterfully done, in sound quality and composition. In fact, it almost sounds orchestra-quality, with its high quality piano sounds, violins, and even occasional brasses and basses. One track that demonstrates this is track 8, the theme for the game itself. It begins with a crescendo, quiets down, and comes to a beautiful climax at the end with high quality tympani accompanying it. There are many more great tracks like that one, especially the four well synthesized arranged tracks at the beginning. They are a great way to get involved in Josette's world.

If there are some negatives I could point out, they're only a few very vague ones. The instruments occasionally sound distorted on a few tracks, and it isn't exactly in stereo. Also, people not familiar with Wonder Project J2 won't fully appreciate what the music is trying to do.

The CD is enhanced with interactive material for your home computer. However, the multimedia stuff that is on this CD may not work on all machines, and most people won't be able to comprehend it anyway.

Any negative factors present do not take away the overall feeling of the album itself. This is Nintendo 64 music at its best, and it is not to be missed.

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