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Worms Armageddon Original Soundtrack

"If you dig the 'Wormsong', squirm right in."



25 minutes total
  1. Worms: Armageddon - Original Mix (5:38)
  2. Worms: Armageddon - Boggy B Psycho Mix (7:25)
  3. Worms: Armageddon - Extended Angry Scots Mix (8:44)
  4. Bonus Track: After the War - The Homecoming
  • Released in 1999 by Bjorn Lynne (catalog no. S17CD002, retail $12).
  • Tracks 2 and 4 are exclusive tracks not available in the game.
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


If you dig the 'Wormsong', squirm right in.

Editor's review by Adam Corn

Worms Armageddon takes the novel and amusing "Wormsong", introduced at the series' conception, and presents three new versions of it in a 25-minute EP, along with an original bonus track. The Wormsong theme remains almost as enjoyable as ever, and the dance-style arrangement is well done, but the package could use a couple extra goodies to make it really enticing.

The main attraction is "Worms Armageddon Original Mix". Here we have a good mix of mock-dramatic orchestral elements, fast-paced dance music, and the Wormsong theme. When you juice it up it's quite easy to start moving to the beat, and the Wormsong melody still brings a grin to my face. The only drawback here is the narration - although the narrator's voice is appropriately epic sounding, the script isn't as amusing as in the original Wormsong and a couple lines don't quite jive. Nevertheless it's still quite an enjoyable track. My personal second-favorite is "After the War - The Homecoming", an entirely original track with perhaps a bit of a house flavor that reminds me ever so slightly of Streets of Rage.

As for the two middle tracks, they again present the Wormsong theme, but this time the beat moves a little slower and the energy tapers down correspondingly. The "Extended Angry Scots Mix" uses as its draw some improvised narration by - as promised - an "angry Scot". Of course the narration is meant for purely comedic purposes, and the Scottish accent is fairly well pronounced, in an unserious way. However for something like this to come off well, it needs to be very exaggerated and extreme, and I found that the narration falls too short of that point to be sufficiently amusing.

I would have liked to have seen the other few Wormsong mixes from the Worms 2 OST - or at least the original version - included on this disc as well. That way it would offer a reasonably complete exposure to Lynne's popular Wormsong theme, and even at a higher price would be highly recommended to a general audience. In its current form it's more limited to devotees of the Worms series, although if you're just looking for unique and quirky electronica excursion it is worth checking out.

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