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Yoshi's Story Game Soundtrack



32 minutes total
  1. Yoshi's Story
  2. Yoshis On The Beach
  3. Yoshi Curry
  4. Yo-Yo-Yoshi
  5. Yoshis And The Wind
  6. Steal Into The Tall Tower
  7. Alpen Yoshi Music
  8. Jungle Yoshi Fever
  9. Yoshis In The Seabed
  10. Yoshi Games
  11. Yoshi's Disco
  12. Page Medley
  13. Baby Bowser Battle
  14. Happiness
  15. Yoshi's Tale
  • Released in 1997 by Nintendo (retail $10).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Unique design, but still another poor 'Greatest Hits' album.

Reader review by Jon Turner

The domestic CD release from Nintendo for Yoshi's Story is a big disappointment. It doesn't contain all the music from the game, but then the music from the game is downright mediocre in the first place, with the exception of about three tracks. Like Nintendo's other domestic CDs, this is only a compilation of the "Greatest Hits" from the game. The tracks here are downright annoying to listen to - especially the Yoshis' "singing". However, at least "Yo-Yo-Yoshi!" and "Yoshi Games", two of the original soundtrack's highlights, are on here, which save the album from being a true dud.

One neat thing about the CD is that it's shaped like a Yoshi. As unique as this is, however, it also means that there is not enough space on the disc to include all the music from the game. If there are any who are searching for all the music from the game, check out the Japanese release, however be warned that the score itself is pretty much a total joke... one which I do not find amusing.

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