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The Sailor's Dream Original Soundtrack

"Pleasant, relaxing folk instrumentals and vocals about life by the sea." Cautiously Recommended

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37 minutes total
  1. The Sailor's Theme (Beginning) [1:43]
  2. Firefly Shrine [2:47]
  3. Monday [1:17]
  4. Slumbering Storm [3:55]
  5. Broken Palace [1:13]
  6. Midnight Sketches [1:42]
  7. Tuesday [2:41]
  8. Sea Is Beautiful From Land [1:30]
  9. Wednesday [1:59]
  10. Sirius Waltz [1:02]
  11. Thursday [1:49]
  12. Lonely Orbit [0:59]
  13. Tears Of A Whale [1:45]
  14. Friday [2:25]
  15. Empty Vessel [1:52]
  16. Saturday [2:02]
  17. Swift Winds [2:00]
  18. Sunday [2:44]
  19. The Sailor's Theme (End) [1:20]
  • Released Nov 21, 2014 by Simogo (retail $6.99).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Pleasant, relaxing folk instrumentals and vocals about life by the sea.

Cautiously Recommended

Editor's review by Adam Corn (2015-02-05)

Here's something you don't find often in a game soundtrack - a whole album of acoustic folk music, with nary a hint of action, danger, or suspense. Just pleasant instrumental and vocal pieces about life by the sea.

Just over half of the album is instrumental tracks consisting largely of piano, leisurely plucked string instruments, and gentle accordion and harmonica. It's very much akin to what you might imagine of an old-time European harbor town, and though Jonathan Eng's compositions largely forgo drama for simple rustic beauty, there's a lonesome, slightly melancholy quality that gives them a bit more weight than you might expect.

The remainder comes from seven vocal tracks - one for each day of the week - performed by Stephanie Hladowski. These are traditional folk songs about country life - moving to a house by the sea, visiting the market, dancing at the tavern and falling in love... with a mysterious, vaguely saddening conclusion. Though I find some of the lyrics a bit too simple in their sentimentality, in general they're well written and nothing if not pleasant.

The album is on the short side (especially if you exclude any vocal tracks that may not be to taste) and the lack of an especially strong dramatic pull prevents it from feeling like a need-to-have album, but for people looking for a game music alternative to the usual action and adventure it's worth checking out.

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