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"Somber but lovely Swedish folk instrumentals form one of the most unique game OSTs in recent memory." Recommended

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  • Frida Johansson (composition, performance)
  • Henrik Oja (composition, performance)
  • Petter Berndalen (performance)
  • Adam Johansson (performance)
  • Fredrik Ljungberg (performance)
  • Torbjorn Nasbom (performance)
  • Malin Silbo Ohlsson (performance)
  • Elin Soderberg (performance)
  • Eva Lestander (performance)
  • Lisa Lestander (performance)
  • Linnea Nilsson (performance)


115 minutes total
  1. Longing [1:01]
  2. First Steps [4:15]
  3. Missing Piece [4:45]
  4. Summer Sky / Baangpolskan efter Zacharias Baang [6:08]
  5. Watch the Waves [3:11]
  6. Mist in the Mire [9:26]
  7. Open Country [4:47]
  8. Halling efter Per Loof [2:33]
  9. Klockarpolskan efter Elsa Siljebo [2:23]
  10. Exploration [3:00]
  11. Departure [6:49]
  12. Felgubben efter Sooren Johansson [1:22]
  13. Left [5:00]
  14. Dangerous Path [5:54]
  15. Scarred Earth [2:44]
  16. Shut It Down [5:13]
  17. Morning Frost [4:01]
  18. A Murder of Crows [3:21]
  19. Stowed Away [4:15]
  20. Delivered [1:30]
  21. New Snow / Klippen efter Fritz Brodin [4:11]
  22. Crystal [3:42]
  23. Rusted Apart [5:50]
  24. Broken Piece [2:59]
  25. Cold and Dark [2:37]
  26. Unraveling [6:00]
  27. Renewed [3:38]
  28. The Red Thread [4:47]
  • Released Jun 24, 2016 by E.A.R.S. (retail $11.49).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Somber but lovely Swedish folk instrumentals form one of the most unique game OSTs in recent memory.


Editor's review by Adam Corn (2017-03-03)

The most unique and atmospheric game OST of the year belongs to a Swedish indie platformer about an anthropomorphic little creature made of yarn. For Unravel, composers Frida Johansson and Henrik Oja use an almost entirely acoustic small ensemble of strings and Nordic folk instrumentation to craft a moody and moving soundtrack aptly described as "beautiful melancholy". It's composed more in the manner of an arranged album than a typical OST, the memorable themes almost always accompanied by an equally impressive intro, interlude or finale, yet there's a very OST-like progression to the narrative of the album as a whole. The consistent overall sound and somber tone means the soundtrack can become a tad monotonous in its two hour entirety, but listening to the best hour or so it's a fantastic listen, and easily one of the most original game soundtracks in recent memory.

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