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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Original Soundtrack

"Exhilarating action themes and poignant storytelling pieces make a worthy series finale." Recommended

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  • Henry Jackman (composition)
  • Alex Belcher (composition)
  • Greg Edmonson (composition)


70 minutes total
  1. A Thief's End [1:54]
  2. A Normal Life [1:17]
  3. Lure of Adventure [2:54]
  4. Cut to the Chase [3:09]
  5. Reunited [2:52]
  6. Once a Thief... [2:13]
  7. The Grave of Henry Avery [3:13]
  8. Those Who Prove Worthy [2:56]
  9. The Twelve Towers [3:59]
  10. Hidden in Plain Sight [2:23]
  11. At Sea [3:38]
  12. Marooned [3:44]
  13. Meet Me in Paradise [2:05]
  14. The Thieves of Libertalia [2:17]
  15. Sic Parvis Magna [2:51]
  16. The Brothers Drake [1:55]
  17. Race to Libertalia [3:12]
  18. For Better or Worse [2:04]
  19. New Devon [4:03]
  20. Avery's Descent [2:27]
  21. No Escape [3:51]
  22. Brother's Keeper [3:59]
  23. One Last Time [4:11]
  24. Epilogue [3:17]
  • Released May 17, 2016 by La-La Land Records (catalog no. LLLCD 1390, retail $15.98).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Exhilarating action themes and poignant storytelling pieces make a worthy series finale.


Editor's review by Adam Corn (2017-03-03)

With film composer Henry Jackman at the helm, Uncharted 4 gets a more robust, Hollywood-like sound than its already cinematic predecessors. More importantly, it's a more varied and emotional score than you might expect considering the blockbuster Marvel movie soundtracks Jackman is known for. The orchestrations are noticeably improved over previous Uncharted soundtracks - a couple of the dramatic action themes in particular take the series to the next level - while the storytelling pieces have a poignancy proper for series characters in their final outing. If this really is the final Uncharted score it's a worthy finale.

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