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Valley Original Soundtrack

"Organic instrumentation with ethnic accents meets classic JRPG-style melodies." Recommended



  • Aakaash Rao (composition)
  • Selcuk Bor (composition)


68 minutes total
  1. Lost Recollections [4:10]
  2. Ancient Voices [3:11]
  3. Warm Waves of Happiness (feat. Sandro Friedrich) [2:22]
  4. Life yet in These Metal Bones (feat. Sandro Friedrich & Deryn Cullen) [1:57]
  5. Expanse (feat. Zefora Alderman, Deryn Cullen & Lucian Nagy) [2:48]
  6. Dancing Shadows [2:04]
  7. Hollow Steel [2:34]
  8. Ascension (feat. Sandro Friedrich & Deryn Cullen) [2:20]
  9. Respite [2:26]
  10. Hubris (feat. Deryn Cullen) [1:11]
  11. Dark Descent [5:08]
  12. Darkness [2:16]
  13. Nausia [2:13]
  14. Thundering Charge [4:31]
  15. Pandora's Heart [2:16]
  16. Proving Grounds (feat. Deryn Cullen & Lucian Nagy) [2:53]
  17. Soaring (feat. Sandro Friedrich) [1:28]
  18. The Wendigo [1:46]
  19. Amrita (feat. Sandro Friedrich) [3:48]
  20. Guarded [1:40]
  21. Like a Skipping Stone (feat. Sandro Friedrich) [2:40]
  22. Escape from Astra [1:52]
  23. Restore the Balance [1:52]
  24. Reflection (feat. Deryn Cullen) [1:38]
  25. Valley (feat. Zefora Alderman, Deryn Cullen & Lucian Nagy) [5:00]
  26. Limbo (Bonus Track) [2:15]
  • Released Aug 24, 2016 by Blue Isle Studios (retail 7.99 USD).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Organic instrumentation with ethnic accents meets classic JRPG-style melodies.


Editor's review by Adam Corn (2017-03-03)

The great soundtrack surprise of 2016 is Valley Original Soundtrack by Aakaash Rao. Steam tells me the game is a first-person adventure platformer, but the score says classic JPRG. Atmospheric environment themes, festive town themes, dark and mystical dungeon theme, rousing battle theme, and a beautiful ending vocal - virtually every staple JPRG music type gets a nice big check. In fact after hearing the soundtrack's varied soundscape and ethnic instrumental accents for the first time, the first thing to come to mind was Suikoden. It's a bit more subtle - and not quite as memorable - as that classic score, but the fact that a comparison is even valid means it's well worth listening.

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