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Sid Meier's Civilization VI Original Game Soundtrack

"A globe-spanning musical tour of the ancient world." Cautiously Recommended

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  • Geoff Knorr (composition, orchestration)
  • Roland Rizzo (composition)
  • Phill Boucher (arrangement)
  • Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra (performance)
  • Kuhn Mixed Choir (performance)
  • Sandro Friedrich (performance 1 track)


144 minutes total
  1. Scythia (The Ancient Era) [feat. Sandro Freidrich] [1:29]
  2. France (The Medieval Era) [3:13]
  3. Rome (The Medieval Era) [3:38]
  4. Spain (The Medieval Era) [3:48]
  5. Spain (The Industrial Era) [4:32]
  6. Rome (The Industrial Era) [5:38]
  7. France (The Industrial Era) [3:31]
  8. Norway (The Industrial Era) [3:31]
  9. Germany (The Industrial Era) [4:00]
  10. Germany (The Atomic Era) [3:59]
  11. Norway (The Atomic Era) [3:52]
  12. Brazil (The Medieval Era) [4:05]
  13. Russia (The Medieval Era) [3:57]
  14. England (The Medieval Era) [4:09]
  15. England (The Industrial Era) [3:58]
  16. America (The Industrial Era) [4:40]
  17. America (The Atomic Era) [3:48]
  18. Russia (The Atomic Era) [4:18]
  19. Brazil (The Atomic Era) [3:33]
  20. Scythia (The Atomic Era) [4:10]
  21. Sumeria (The Ancient Era) [2:33]
  22. Aztec (The Medieval Era) [2:44]
  23. Kongo (The Medieval Era) [3:43]
  24. Egypt (The Medieval Era) [3:10]
  25. Egypt (The Industrial Era) [6:02]
  26. China (The Industrial Era) [3:34]
  27. China (The Atomic Era) [3:19]
  28. Kongo (The Atomic Era) [3:04]
  29. Aztec (The Atomic Era) [3:30]
  30. Arabia (The Medieval Era) [3:26]
  31. Greece (The Medieval Era) [3:13]
  32. Greece (The Industrial Era) [4:18]
  33. India (The Industrial Era) [4:51]
  34. Japan (The Industrial Era) [3:42]
  35. Japan (The Atomic Era) [3:40]
  36. India (The Atomic Era) [4:37]
  37. Arabia (The Atomic Era) [3:50]
  38. Sumeria (The Atomic Era) [3:04]
  • Released Oct 21, 2016 by 2K (retail $9.99).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


A globe-spanning musical tour of the ancient world.

Cautiously Recommended

Editor's review by Adam Corn (2017-03-03)

Civilization VI Original Game Soundtrack takes a simple concept and executes on it. Civilizations from throughout history and around the globe each get a theme inspired by their musical traditions - most also receiving reprises to represent later historical eras - and are rendered with authentic live instruments. Imagine characters from a classic period film - be it in Rome, Egypt, medieval Europe or France - traversing a town in said film and this would be the soundtrack. The themes are a bit on the somber side yet pleasant to listen to, though I wouldn't say there's any must-hear material. The album release appears to be fairly incomplete - the most notable omission being the main theme "Sogno di Volare", which is on a separate single release - but with two and a half hours of music there's still plenty to enjoy.

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