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The Tomb Raider Suite

"Twenty years following its release, the original Tomb Raider trilogy receives a superbly produced orchestral album." Recommended

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  • Nathan McCree (composition)
  • Adam Langston (arrangement)
  • Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (performance)
  • Metro Voices (performance)
  • Robert Ziegler (conducting)


92 minutes total
  1. The Temple of Xian [2:17]
  2. Tomb Raider Theme [3:13]
  3. Where the Depths Unfold [1:53]
  4. A Friend Since Gone [2:59]
  5. The T-Rex [3:07]
  6. A Long Way Down [3:26]
  7. Longing for Home [3:08]
  8. Time to Run [3:23]
  9. Tomb Raider 2 Theme [3:07]
  10. Vertigo [3:33]
  11. Venice [2:56]
  12. Lara [3:49]
  13. The Skidoo [3:04]
  14. Precious Moments [5:44]
  15. Tomb Raider 3 Theme [2:20]
  16. The Puzzle Element [3:54]
  17. Something Spooky in That Jungle [3:45]
  18. Tony the Loon [2:57]
  19. The Cavern Sewers [3:06]
  20. She's Cool [3:07]
  21. In the Blood [3:56]
  22. Tomb Raider Medley [7:26]
  23. Tomb Raider 2 Medley [7:43]
  24. Tomb Raider 3 Medley [8:28]
  • Released Oct 28, 2018 by NMDB Films (retail 9.49 USD).
  • Orchestral arranged album for Tomb Raider 1, 2, and 3.
  • Recorded at Studio 1, Abbey Road Studios, London (16th & 17th October 2017).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Twenty years following its release, the original Tomb Raider trilogy receives a superbly produced orchestral album.


Editor's review by Adam Corn (2019-01-01)

Having never heard a second of Tomb Raider music I had zero expectations for this Kickstarter-funded orchestral arranged album dedicated to the original three PlayStation-era titles. On first listen it just about floored me with its superb arrangement, performance, and recording quality. From the Rey's Theme'esque "Tomb Raider Theme" arrangement onward you very much get the feeling of exploring cavernous, isolated, wondrous environments. It's atmospheric yet at the same time melodic, musical, and beautiful. There's a considerable amount of repetition of its staple themes and not a lot of variation from the aforementioned styles, so some listeners might find the album start to wear thin in its later tracks, but nonetheless it's an impressively well done if low-key orchestral arranged album.

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