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God of War (PlayStation Soundtrack)

"Norse ethnic accents accompany expert orchestration and a haunting main theme in a dramatic GoW score." Recommended

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  • Bear McCreary (composition)
  • Jason Akers (composition)
  • Omer Ben-Zvi (composition)
  • Sam Ewing (composition)
  • Edward Trybek (orchestration)
  • Henri Wilkinson (orchestration)
  • Jonathan Beard (orchestration)
  • London Session Orchestra (performance)
  • Schola Cantorum Choir (performance)
  • London Voices (performance)
  • The City of Prague Philharmonic Choir (performance)
  • Eivor Palsdottir (vocals)
  • Nashville Scoring Orchestra (performance)
  • Bjorn Thorarensen (lyrics)
  • Ragga Gudmundsdottir (lyrics)
  • Stanja Vomackova (lyrics)


79 minutes total
  1. God of War [4:06]
  2. Memories of Mother [3:39]
  3. Witch of the Woods [3:02]
  4. Lullaby of the Giants [3:43]
  5. Ashes [6:09]
  6. Peaks Pass [2:33]
  7. A Giant's Prayer [1:59]
  8. The Dragon [3:43]
  9. Mimir [2:56]
  10. Magni and Modi [2:49]
  11. Echoes of an Old Life [3:44]
  12. Helheim [3:20]
  13. The Healing [3:15]
  14. The Reach of Your Godhood [2:37]
  15. Stone Mason [3:48]
  16. Valkyries [5:08]
  17. Deliverance [6:18]
  18. Salvation [6:48]
  19. The Ninth Realm [4:57]
  20. The Summit [3:18]
  21. Epilogue [0:47]
  • Released Apr 20, 2018 by Sony Classical (catalog no. 19075834412, retail 10.99 GBP).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Norse ethnic accents accompany expert orchestration and a haunting main theme in a dramatic GoW score.


Editor's review by Adam Corn (2019-01-01)

The orchestral-choral action themes and somber, atmospheric cinematic pieces in Bear McCreary's God of War score are produced at the level of the best game and film scores. Folk-ethnic touches matching the game's Norse mythology separate it further from the standard epic-adventure crowd, while a tragic female solo-led main theme gives the score further emotional resonance. You won't find the same number of standout themes as other top game soundtracks, but those who appreciate serious drama (with its share of action) and expert orchestration should most certainly check it out.

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