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Estpolis Denki II


  • Yasunori Shiono (composition)


2 discs, 147 minutes total

Disc 1 (73 minutes)

  1. Judgement day
  2. Main Theme
  3. Estpolis 1 Opening motif
  4. Theme of town
  5. Golden slumber
  6. The earth
  7. Theme of cave
  8. Battle theme #1
  9. Triumph
  10. Key treasure - Comradeship - Skill item - Treasure
  11. Ending Motif
  12. Theme of Village
  13. Battle theme #2
  14. The mystery lady
  15. Theme of Castle
  16. Jimmy and Commy
  17. Theme of labyrinth
  18. Mousse
  19. Metamorphosis
  20. Theme of tower
  21. Gate of journey
  22. Theme of shrine
  23. Despair
  24. Shudder
  25. Hidecka
  26. The sorrow of parting
  27. Wedding ceremony
  28. Rice shower
  29. In spring
  30. In summer
  31. In autumn
  32. In winter
  33. Theme of port town
  34. Theme of mons
  35. Azure ocean
  36. Mysterious tone
  37. Rexas lab
  38. Big shot
  39. One hand gambler - The game - Got it

Disc 2 (74 minutes)

  1. Deep blue
  2. The whole silent world
  3. Over the sky
  4. The land nobody knew
  5. The turret forgotten
  6. The fortress of doom
  7. The last duel
  8. Four master
  9. Battle theme #3
  10. Grief
  11. For the savior
  12. Ending
  13. Pulifia
  14. Departure
  15. The memory of last war
  16. The last duel
  17. Holy victim
  18. Main theme
  19. Theme of town
  20. Buoyant & cheerful
  21. Sweet dreams
  22. Pulifia
  23. Theme of castle
  24. The earth
  25. Battle theme #1
  26. Triumph
  27. Theme of village
  28. Theme of cave
  29. The ruins of dread
  30. Vicious Wind
  31. Battle theme #2
  32. Theme of port town
  33. The sorrow of parting
  34. New world
  35. Theme of tower
  36. The gate for journey
  37. Lairl lab
  38. Blue field
  39. Quiet shrine
  40. Under market
  41. Game over
  42. To the sky
  43. The fortress of doom
  44. Four masters of doom
  45. Battle theme #3
  46. Field motif
  47. Again and...
  48. Ending
  • Released Feb 17, 1995 by Scitron (catalog no. PCCB-00170, retail 2000 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Original and different...

Reader review by Jockolantern

I've been a Estpolis ("Lufia" in the USA) fan every since the first game came out. So when I heard that the two game series had a soundtrack, I had to get it. I was not disappointed with this work of art at all. Yasunori Shiono is no Uematsu, but he has his own unique strengths (and weaknesses). From track 1, you'll be absorbed with great music from the Super Famicom, but that is "strengthened" up a bit by synths and drums to deliver some truly awesome music. Shiono's music goes from happy to sad; excited to mellow. This little switch is welcome and nice. The weaknesses are that the tunes aren't "big and boomy"; they remain soft and quiet for the most part, unlike some FF soundtracks out there. Also, some of the music lags on for a little longer than desired, but otherwise this is a good soundtrack.

The two CDs have music from Lufia 2 and Lufia 1. All the tracks on disc one are from 2, tracks 1-13 on disc two are also from Lufia 2, and tracks 14-48 are all from Lufia 1. The Estpolis 1 music isn't terribly great, but it isn't bad either. The crowning achievement on this CD is track 9 on disc two. It is an upbeat battle theme unlike any other created. All in all, if you like RPG music, you may want to consider buying this one (about $25 for 2 1/2 hours of game music isn't a bad price *at all*). This is, more or less, a "majestic" soundtrack, and should be given more attention. It has its own unique strengths, but still stumbles on a couple counts.

A double treatment for Lufia fans.

Essential Listening

Reader review by Jon Turner

Even though I haven't finished Lufia II yet (or tried out the original Lufia), I still must say that this score is surprisingly superior, considering that it isn't a Square or Enix soundtrack. It is also a double treat for big Lufia fans. Don't let the title fool you, this isn't just the music from Lufia II. The music from the original Lufia is also on this album. Strangely though, they have Lufia II's music before Lufia's music. But then, Lufia II was actually a prequel, not a sequel, to the original Lufia.

The music from Lufia II is downright superb. It ranges from soothing and relaxing to modestly furious and exciting. The music also occasionally takes on a pop-like feel while staying true to the feel of the game, which works well in "The Earth" and "Theme Of Port Town". The only two major drawbacks with this score is that the album's three battle themes aren't as great as they should be. The problem isn't that they don't recapture the feeling of danger, but that they aren't furious or grandiose enough, compared to the battle themes from Final Fantasy for instance. Also, the game's ending (at least from what I've heard) ends sadly, and the "Ending" song could have been a little sadder, like "Eternal Lullaby" from Dragon Quest VI. But such criticisms seem laughable since the music is just so well done and enjoyable.

Now, onto the music for the original Lufia. It lacks the sophistication of its follower, and the music is much simpler, but it is still very good in its own right. It's even nice to hear occasional earlier versions of "Pulifia", "The Earth", "The Sorrow Of Parting", and others, even if they aren't in full quality.

Overall, this album is an excellent addition to your collection, period. Even if you are not a big Lufia fan, you still might want to get this album. And who knows, there might be a Lufia III in the future. Meanwhile, we'll just settle for this well-done soundtrack.

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