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Fatal Fury Real Bout 2 ~The Newcomers~ Original Soundtracks


76 minutes total
  1. The Newcomers
  2. The Newcomers Beta
  3. Understand?
  4. LEVEL UP 3
  5. 4 HITs
  6. Get in the Ring I
  7. ?? - Terry Bogard's Theme
  8. ?? - Andy Bogard's Theme
  9. ?? - Joe Higashi's Theme
  10. ?? - Mai Shiranui's Theme
  11. Get in the Ring II
  12. Geese Ni Katakori - Geese Howard's Theme
  13. Taku-Hatu-Rock - Sokaku Mochizuki's Theme
  14. ?? - Bob Wilson's Theme
  15. ?? - Hon Fu's Theme
  16. Blue Mary's BLUES - Blue Mary's Theme
  17. Gain a Victory
  18. GOLI-Rock - Franco Bash's Theme
  19. ?? - Ryuji Yamazaki's Theme
  20. ?? - Jin Chon Shu and Jin Chon Rae's Theme
  21. Duck! Duck! Duck! - Duck King's Theme
  22. 4 HITs II
  23. ?? - Kim Kaphwan's Theme
  24. ?? - Billy Kane's Theme
  25. ?? - Tung Fu Rue's Theme
  26. ?? - Cheng Sinzan's Theme
  27. Get in Ring III
  28. ?? - Lawrence Blood's Theme
  29. Requim K.626(Lacrimosa) - Wolfgang Krauser's Theme
  30. ?? - Li Xiangfei's Theme
  31. Exceed The Limit - Rick Strowd's Theme
  32. Get The Sky ~ With your Dream - Hannnah's Theme
  34. Hurry Up!
  35. The End
  36. -61. (voice tracks)
  • Released Apr 17, 1998 by Pony Canyon (catalog no. PCCB-00310, retail 1890 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


A great soundtrack... if you don't own the previous one.

Reader review by Erik Menjivar

I was surprised when SNK announced the coming of "Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers". I was then surprised at how lazy SNK has gotten with their music. When I bought this soundtrack I was expecting something different. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Anyone who has purchased the soundtrack to "Real Bout Fatal Fury Special" or especially "Real Bout Fatal Fury" (which were both excellent soundtracks) will find little difference with this one. Many of the songs are "remixes" of original themes from Fatal Fury 3 or Real Bout Fatal Fury Special. The only true remix I found here was Andy Bogard's theme, which I think is better than the previous versions.

The three new character songs are cool, especially Li Xiangfei's theme, which is upbeat and sounds very cute. Rick Strowd's theme has that serious tone to it. The secret character Hannah has a theme with that happy-go-lucky feel to it.

Aside from the three new character themes, there are only a couple of other new songs, including the introduction theme and some that possibly have to do with the match-up screens and character selects. They aren't all that great and anyone who remembers that annoying option mode music from Fatal Fury 1 and 2 will find it here as well.

For those who haven't heard the previous soundtracks, you will find many cool songs here. Many of them are remixed from both Fatal Fury 2 and Fatal Fury 3. There are a few originals as well (at least to those who haven't heard the Fatal Fury Real Bout Special soundtrack). The Real Bout originals include themes for Mai Shiranui, Blue Mary, Franco Bash, Chon Chu and Chon Rae, Kim Kaphwan, Lawrence Blood and Wolfgang Krauser. All are cool, but I found Kim Kaphwan's theme to be the best. It has a hard rock feel to it and also reminds me of his old Fatal Fury 2 theme. Mai Shiranui's theme sounds more Japanese than the previous two games; Mai fans will like it. Franco Bash has a heavy metal feel now. I personally don't like it too much, but I'm sure those who are into electric guitars will want to hear it. Blue Mary's theme is jazzy and one of the coolest tracks I've ever heard in an SNK game.

Chon Chu and Chon Rae's theme still has that evil feel to it, which suits them just fine. Lawrence Blood's has yet another Spanish song, with a lot of guitar. It sounds nice, but not something you'd expect from a bad guy. Finally, Krauser gets another Mozart melody. It's pretty boring compared to the old one he used to have.

Overall, this is a good soundtrack. Unfortunately, since most of the songs aren't original, you may want to pass it up. It is just too similar to Fatal Fury Real Bout Special. However, if you don't own the previous soundtrack, it's worth a look.

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