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Crystal Dec 16, 2006

While the rest of the world probably went to see Eragon,
I went to see…….Animal Crossing THE MOVIE.
YES. THERE is an Animated movie.

I guess partially out of curiosity and stupidity?

I went to see the Afternoon show on opening day.
This is a limited release thing.
If you want to know my opinion of the film, it’s fun, cute, and strange. 
But just too kiddy for me.

But I just had to smile and all the game’s references when they showed up on screen.

This is definitely geared toward the younger crowd but the older crowd might enjoy the easter eggs here and there.

The main character is a human girl named Ai.
Her 2 friends are girls with these high-pitched voices that were just nauseating after a while, with them “kyaaaa, kyaa, waaah”.
The movie starts with the taxi driver talking to Ai as she moves to the town in the spring.
She immediately has to start working for Tom Nook.
She meets new friends and grows as a member of the town and learns to believe in herself and her friends.

There is a human boy character that shows up from time to time catching bugs and fossils.

Another weird thing was Totakeke.
They gave him a Japanese boy voice for when he started talking.
When singing, they reverted back to his game singing voice, with “Nami, Nami boh”

They have a shitload of new AC goods coming out which includes Ufo plushes, pencils, pen case, notebook, purses, phone straps.

The Best of all of these is…..THE OST!

The SOUNDTRACK is 10 times better than the Nindori CD release.
This soundtrack is almost ALL based from the DS game.
Kazumi Totaka did all the music here.
The Music is mostly easy listening type music.

By the way, I LOVE the Gamecube Animal Crossing Main Theme (which is not here).

The DS main theme is not as good.

A lot of BGM from the DS game is included, either enhanced with real instruments or from the original game.
There’s 51 tracks.  But all the tracks are short, like 30-50 seconds long.
Total time is 1 hr and 5 minutes.
Someone had an .ape version out there already. google it if you wish.

There are ditties from
The DS main Theme, the Downstairs Coffee Shop, the Museum, Resetti’s theme, Able Sisters theme, Tom Nook’s Theme.  The Post office theme, the original game music (New Year’s party, 2am, 1pm, 8pm)
And KK Bossa-Nova is the 2nd most used theme here; they repeat this with good variations. Which is really nice.
Another is KK Gospel, which is so-so.

If you’re collecting Animal Crossing music, this is a must-have.

The previous two cds only had Totakeke’s Sat Night songs.  This new one has a lot more. … ge=en%5FJP

Adam Corn Dec 17, 2006

Crystal wrote:

While the rest of the world probably went to see Eragon,
I went to see…….Animal Crossing THE MOVIE.
YES. THERE is an Animated movie.

Actually I'm guessing most of the rest of the world had enough sense to spare themselves of the Eragon movie, which is good for the rest of the world because I did not and oh what a heaping pile of dragon poo that movie is.  Even worse than I expected, which is saying a lot.

Anyway somewhat back to your topic, it won't surprise me at all if Animal Crossing outgrosses Eragon here in Japan.

XLord007 Dec 17, 2006

Crystal wrote:

The Best of all of these is…..THE OST!

Thanks for the tip.  I'll add this to my CD Japan order that ships at the end of the month.

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