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oddigy Feb 15, 2007

Thanks for the link. :)
One of the questions is a little unclear... it only lets you pick one of the traits for each of the opinions, but once I figured that out, the rest of the survey was really cool.

I don't know how much this survey will influence the future of Tales games in the USA, but I had fun filling it out.

I want Tales of the Tempest here. :( I purchased the Japanese version, and it seems to be a great game, aside from the fact that I can't understand anything, anyway. ;D

Nemo Feb 15, 2007

Yeah, I think that part of the survey was glitchy or something.  I know some people may think this is a waste of time, but this is first time ever that Namco has asked for US fans input on the series.  It's clear that they know people here like series, but likely isn't selling as much as they hope.  Personally, I emphasized, and then re-emphasized the need for 2D.  Also suggested that they should release the ToD remake for PS2.

Stephen Feb 15, 2007 (edited Feb 15, 2007)

The survey is buggy.  When you check certain radio buttons in a list, it unchecks other ones.  It looks like you cannot answer two consecutive items the same way...if you chose "not important" for one question, the next one cannot also be "not important"

oddigy Feb 15, 2007

Wanderer wrote:

Yeah, I wasn't able to finish it because of the bugs...

No no, go back, for that question, make sure you have one "important" one "not important" one "don't care" or whatever they're called

so you have one of each.  Only five of the topics aligned vertically are going to have answers at all.  As long as you have any five boxes in that question checked, it will let you continue.

I wish I knew of a better way to word it :)

Kenology Feb 15, 2007

I got tripped up at that one part, but I did finish it after reading Amber's advice.

Stephen Feb 16, 2007

Where did you find this survey anyway?
Was it on Namco Bandai's website or in an email newsletter?

Nemo Feb 16, 2007

They e-mailed it to me because I'm part of some Tales circle or something.

SquareTex Feb 16, 2007

Well, it was a bit of a struggle, but I finally got it done. Thanks, Amber!

When they asked what could be improved, I knew what I wanted to say...

"There's not really anything about the games themselves that need changing. Rather, it's all in the international marketing. This series needs more of a chance outside of Japan, and a greater presence in the Americas and Europe. Granted, it may not have the same fanbase as the Square-Enix titles, for example, but the fans ARE there, and they want these games."

I hope they get the message. smile

Amazingu Feb 16, 2007

Finally finished it after Amber's advise too/
I like doing game-related surveys, even if it's for a series I don't particularly care for (yet own a surprising amount of games of).

I'd like to hear what other people wrote at the end though.

I wrote that the games could use a bit more mature characters and storylines, and some more puzzle-based dungeons would be nice.

XLord007 Feb 16, 2007

Amazingu wrote:

I wrote that the games could use a bit more mature characters and storylines, and some more puzzle-based dungeons would be nice.

Agreed.  They could also use storylines that aren't the same thing over and over again, more fluid controls during battles, and more varied soundtracks.

Wanderer Feb 17, 2007

Yeah, I also asked for more dramatic storylines (and characters). I also begged for different composers. wink

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