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shdwrlm3 Dec 31, 2009

All this talk about an FF VI remake reminded me that Square are already in the process of overhauling one of my other favorite SNES RPGs, Lufia II. The series has been dormant for so long that I was shocked to hear that they were revisiting it in any capacity. More shocking still was the fact that they were remaking it as an action RPG set in what appears to be a more futuristic setting. Normally I'd think this was a trainwreck just waiting to happen, but a lot of the original Lufia crew are involved with the remake so I'm cautiously optimistic. Plus, they're apparently using a lot of the old music from the first two games. You can hear two arranged tracks and one DS-quality song at the official site:

Is it wrong that I like the Super Robot Wars rip-off of track 3 better?

As for the new character designs, they're certainly...different. Guy is looking buffer than I remember and Tia is completely unrecognizable.

And holy crap, has it really been 15 years since Lufia II? I feel so old. sad

longhairmike Dec 31, 2009 (edited Dec 31, 2009)

oh hell yes,, This is the best news since ff6 advance. i will play the shit out of this.
Lufia 2 was was the only other game aside from ff7 to really make me cry,,

perhaps they plan on remaking both games but this time theyre doing them in chronological order.
gameplay looks a lot like brave fencer musashi, and that is a good thing

edit: the promo movie looks widescreen, is this the dimensions of the new DSI screen?

James O Jan 1, 2010

All I can say is they better have the theme from the Fortress of Doom - then I'll be happy.

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