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Zane Mar 21, 2009

Zane wrote:

The only album that I can think of that I have completely done a 360 with is...

Zane wrote:

Tons of Sakimoto albums (none of which I own anymore wink), most Hamauzu albums (D1 of U:S, SaGa 2, FFVII DoC), post-2000 Yamane albums, crappy vocal songs from artists I enjoy (Okubo needs to stop composing for Chizuru Miura), Baten Kaitos...

Hilarious. Since I posted that last year I have gotten back into Sakimoto, am loving all of the Hamauzu I previously didn't like and have been rocking the hell out of Baten Kaitos (the first). Post-2000 Yamane can still suck it, though.

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