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Rrolack Jan 21, 2017

I'm curious to hear how much time you all spend on VGM-related stuff, and what you're doing with that time.  For me, the breakdown looks something like this (in minutes per week):

Searching auction sites and stores.  Every day, I spend 10 minutes looking through my bookmarked searches on YJA and surgua-ya.  If I see something I want to buy or bid on, which is maybe half of the time, I'll spend another 10 minutes on the purchase.  So let's call this 15 minutes/day, or 105 minutes/week.

Visiting forums.  I'll visit StC and vgmdb once or twice a day.  Because there isn't much new content, this takes very little time.  5 minutes a day, or 35 minutes/week.

Ripping music.  I buy a lot of VGM, at a rate of 1 album per day since I started collecting.  To speed up the process of ripping, my desktop computer has 3 CD-ROM drives in it.  But even with that, it takes time to pull in artwork, add tags, ... .  Let's call this 20 minutes/week.

Entering albums in vgmdb.  A lot of the VGM I buy are doujins, and some of these aren't yet in vgmdb.  Creating entries for these albums isn't easy, as the details are often found only in Japanese language blogs, in old website on, ... .  I probably enter one album a week, spending around 15 minutes.  So 15 minutes/week.

All in, that totals to 175 minutes, or 3 hours per week.  Though it seems to me like I actually spend more time than this.  I guess I do check YJA from my mobile maybe 2x/day, which adds a little more time...

XLord007 Jan 22, 2017

I spend about one hour every three months figuring out what CDs I want to order for the quarter and maybe another two hours per week catching up on the forums here. As I listen to my new CDs, I tweet about them which takes a minute or two. I listen to about 1-3 new CDs per week, so I guess that's another 2-6 minutes per week to tweet about them. Three-to-four times per year I will attend live video game music concerts which usually take about 4 hours including travel time. I only listen to VGM when I'm on the computer doing other things, so that time isn't exclusively for VGM. So, if I do some math here, I guess this means I spend an average of about 150 minutes per week exclusively on VGM, or roughly 2.5 hours.

vert1 Feb 24, 2017 (edited Feb 24, 2017)

Online activity - I check this site and vgmdb every day.

Upkeeping - My collection got visually upgraded last year by buying sealable cd sleeves to have the OBI strips wrap around the case instead of hide inside it. I haven't been buying a lot of game music for the past two years, but this year there are already three must-own purchases that make my collection feel incomplete without.

Listening activity - I plan to install hoot and listen to every pc-98 soundtrack this year. That's quite a time sink.

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