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Ramza Aug 25, 2009

Thanks for reply, Chris.

Just an FYI, if I'm reviewing a soundtrack, I do an absolute *minimum* of one full listen through, usually many more than that. I can't help but take offense when someone says "did you even listen to this thing?"

I guess when I say "rock" I'm thinking of standard garage band rock. Perhaps it has less to do with my ability to listen and more with my ability to aptly describe genres (maybe I'm just a bad writer?). You're right, that absolutely is "Wipe Out" style Surf Rock.

If you would be kind enough to report errors in my writing via email instead of as comments or forum posts, that would help me a great deal. I'm generally just a very sensitive person, as I'm sure you've witnessed elsewhere on the internetz.

Cedille, thanks for getting back to me. I meant to be more like a "tip" -- that is, not that you broke the news, but that I wouldn't have known about it without you saying something. I should've just given you the props without asking, if only so I had another excuse to put a link to STC on RPGFan. smile

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