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Jodo Kast Nov 27, 2015

I took advantage of the Black Friday sale at Stone Age Gamer. I've been wanting the MS ED for months and today was the day. I also grabbed the Powerbase Mini FM, so I don't have to buy a Master System console.

The Master System was not popular when I was growing up. I only knew one kid that had it and he went to a different school. So, no one that I knew of in my class had one. Even though I knew one person with a Master System, we only played it one time. I remember it was difficult to get him to play it because he had it unhooked from the TV and didn't want to hook it back up. After some convincing, he did reconnect it. I don't remember what game we played and I also don't remember how old I was. It was definitely before 1990.

Ashley Winchester Nov 27, 2015

Jodo Kast wrote:

The Master System was not popular when I was growing up.

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the Master System more popular in Europe? I think I read that somewhere.

brandonk Nov 27, 2015

Congrats, I picked one up about a month ago - I got a complete system (master system) at Portland Retro Game Expo, then picked up 3d Glasses.  Been playing Missle Defense 3D - it could honestly be the most 80's thing in my collection.

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