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Crystal Feb 12, 2009 (edited Feb 12, 2009)

Carl wrote:

May 6th, 2009.  Afternoon performance and an Evening performance.
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, near Ikebukuro Station.

5,800 yen for the basic seats, which I think is a little higher than for the Gyakuten Saiban show (wasn't that 4,800 yen?)

the Fall GS concert had 3 ticket prices.SS-7140yen S-6090yen A-5040yen

The April one was 5800yen and 4800yen.  So yeah, you have a good memory. smile
I had to look these all up. I've already forgotten.

Carl May 6, 2009 (edited May 6, 2009)

A famitsu blog just updated with a text recap...

Tickets were getting bids up to 220 bucks...

Oh, here's one with the tracklist and swag

    【プログラム】 [Program]
       1. Monster Hunter
       2. 目覚め
       3. 眼光- The Hunted-~Lioleus/砲哮~Monoblos/真紅の角
       4. 動く霊峰~勇者のためのマーチ
       5. 恵み深い人々の村
       6. 嵐に舞う黒い影~クシャルダオラ~/~炎国の王妃~テオ・テスカトル&ナナ・テルカトリ~
       7. 精霊へ歌う唄
       8. ポッケ村のテーマ
       9. 牙を剥く轟竜~ティガレックス/闇に走る赤い残光~ナルガクルガ
      10. 英雄の証
      11. 生命ある者へ

    (アンコール) [Encore]
       1. 可愛いアイルー
       2. 狩人よ、前へ

Carl May 11, 2009

I like this part, that at any VGM event there's the potential to see any other number of vgm stars also attending smile

"A sign of the lofty stature of Monster Hunter music in Japan was reflected by the large number of game composers seated in the audience for the orchestral concert. Seated next to each other in the mezzanine were Yasunori Mitsuda and Yoshie Miyajima of Procyon Studio. Not far away was Hideki Sakamoto, the representative director of Noisycroak. Behind them were seated Masahiro Sakurai, Kenji Ito and Yoko Shimomura.

The rapt attention of these composers as they ingested and analyzed the orchestral performance was among the most memorable sights of the evening. The intense concentration on their faces as they scrutinized every detail of the composition, arrangement and performance was unforgettable."

Chris May 12, 2009 (edited May 12, 2009)

The picture of Yuko Komiyama is welcomed. Did you happen to get any of Akihiko Narita, who I suspect will become an increasingly major name in the future?

I was surprised that Masato Kouda wasn't confirmed to be a composer of Monster Hunter 3 by the FILMharmonic. I'd like him to return, but recent scores for the series show Capcom's in-house team are more than capable regardless!

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