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Adam Corn May 14, 2012

Seconded on the nice review part, I found the fairly lengthy intro an interesting read despite my generally short attention span for lengthy review intros. smile

It's disappointing but not surprising to hear that the "big band" is mostly sequenced and not live.

If you asked me that musical region around big band and jazz funk is the most sadly unexplored in VGM arrangements, given that certain high-profile series are just screaming for it.

Have to say when it comes to Monster Hunter that the orchestral and ethnic arranged albums are the ones I'm most interested in though.

XISMZERO May 15, 2012

Zorbfish wrote:

Nice review, but I'm more interested in BlackLute coming out at the end of the month.

While I never turn down a rock album, I see it's being handled by Reo Uratani with a 'We Are Rock-Men' sound. While it won't be bad, you know exactly what you're getting as it sounds from the samples... Hope I'm proven wrong.

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