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Cedille Oct 8, 2008

His official site or the Trusty Bell guide book details the story like one or two years ago he moved and finally had the his own studio in the new house, which enabled him to get the piano.

Datschge Oct 8, 2008

That story is more or less also on his motion website (the guide surely has it described more detailed, doesn't it?).

He had an upright piano (by Sauter) before that as well, but it looks like he can't live without the 4 additional bass keys the Bösendorfer 225 has (which I read was originally designed to make Bach organ pieces transcribed to piano playable, something impossible with the usual 88 keys pianos due to the aforementioned missing 4 bass keys).

Chris Oct 8, 2008

Thanks you two! A good bit of trivia there to explain his recent output of piano-related productions. I guess Sakuraba loves those bass notes.

Smeg Oct 8, 2008

Moses wrote:
Smeg wrote:

I wonder: did Sakuraba lack the confidence to release a piano album previously? Or did he just lack the interest?

He lacked the piano. smile

Ha ha, that explains that I guess. Thank goodness he solved that little problem smile

Adam Corn Oct 22, 2008

I'm a little late to the party but I just posted my review (and some samples) if anyone's interested.

It was not a fun week for reviewing neutral

Chris Oct 22, 2008

Nice review. I don't agree with everything you said, though perhaps I'm too lax on Motoi Sakuraba. I do agree that the album isn't that spectacular and I find it somewhat strange that a pre-order bonus is a more refined and interesting production. I also agree that some parts sound amateurish -- especially that clanky piano piece -- although really I think they're more rushed. Nothing too abrasive to me but I can see why people would expect more from it.

SquareTex Nov 11, 2008

I never did harp in on what i thought of this album, did I?
My mistake...I'll do it now! :)

Simply put, I got my hands on Battle Arrange knowing that I'd be getting a lot of fun renditions of the series's fight themes. And that's all I wanted. No great expectations at all, just a good, fun album. And thus, it didn't disappoint me in the least.

And in fact, the moments where he steps out of the prog rock and into softer or unusual territory are perhaps becoming my favorite moments. The slow electric piano and flute groove of "Inferia Battle"? Love it. "The Battle Opens Fire" may not break any new orchestral ground by a long shot, but I still appreciate it. Perhaps "Bare It's Fangs" IS a bit clanky, but it's funny little rhythm and happy energy have endeared it to me. "Alea Jacta Est" has persisted in convincing me that bizarre is a GOOD thing. And finally, I think the "Brilliant Future"-style version of "Like A Glint Of Light" is just a perfect, PERFECT way to end the album.

So yeah, it's not at the TOP of my Sakuraba arrange album list, but it makes me smile, and so I'm quite happy to have it.

On the other hand, having heard the new Valkyrie Profile arrange album...sorry Tales Battle, but this is gonna be one battle you SIMPLY CANNOT WIN. ;)

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