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bigabobo Apr 26, 2009

I know there are a couple of Manabu Namiki fans on this board so I thought this was worth posting:

The album features a wide variety of composers handling the arrangements instead of the usual Super Sweep and/or Basiscape guys. Some of the notable names involved are Akari Kaida, Noriyuki Iwadare and Virt (Jake Kaufman) of all people!

Nick G Apr 26, 2009 (edited Apr 26, 2009)

Yeah, a Namiki fan and Ketsui OST fan, here. This could top the awesomeness that is the Psyvariar remix album. It looks like they're reprinting the Dodonpachi dai ou jou/ Ketsui OST as well!

Abrahm Apr 26, 2009 (edited Apr 26, 2009)

Akari Kaida?  I'm there!
Virt?  That's a surprise.
I like the original Ketsui music, but I hope this arrange album is more than just dancey-trancey remixes.

Carl Apr 26, 2009

If only it'd be available outside the Cave Matsuri Event, which it isn't....

Nick G May 9, 2009

Abrahm wrote:

I like the original Ketsui music, but I hope this arrange album is more than just dancey-trancey remixes.

I'm just hoping it's better than the Deathsmiles arrange album at this point sad What a letdown... a costly letdown.

Nick G May 22, 2009

I take back what I said about Deathsmiles Arrange. It sounded muddy on my PC speakers for some reason. I've been blasting it directly into my ear holes and it's very enjoyable.

Anyway, where is everyone getting their copy of Ketsui Arrange? Play-Asia makes no mention of it whatsoever.

Zorbfish May 29, 2009

I was surprised at how many of them were up for auction right after release. I managed to get in before they started to jack up the price. I got it at the actual release price of 2800 (sans deputy fees).

Now if only the Deathsmiles arrange would be up for auction sad

Herrkotowski May 29, 2009

I've made a bid as well, and it seems that I have won. As I'll be at E3 next week, it'll be sometime in June before I get it, I'd imagine.

allyourbaseare May 29, 2009

Herrkotowski wrote:

As I'll be at E3 next week

sad Have fun!  I was able to go one year, and it was a blast!

PeteV Jun 24, 2009

Looks like cave will release an arrange album for Dodonpachi Dai-ou-jou in August.  Here's the arranger list:

Select           Hirohiko Fukuda/山岸由香
Stage1          Yasuhisa Watanabe
Boss             Kohta Takahashi
StageClear     Ryu Umemoto
Stage2         Motoaki Furukawa
Stage3         TECHNOuchi
Stage4         Kinuyo Yamashita
Stage5         Hiroki Kikuta
LastBoss      Motoi Sakuraba
TrueLastBoss Kota Hoshino
NameEntry    Akari Kaida
Ending         Tomoko Sasaki

Nick G Jun 25, 2009 (edited Jun 25, 2009)

Cedille wrote:

Has Hoshino left From Software?

I don't know about that, but it's strange that he's arranging what is probably the fastest song from the OST. One of the main reasons I've grown tired of his composing style is the sluggishness of the rhythms. I love everything he did up to Armored Core: Nexus but everything that's followed has been plodding and uninspired. Chromehounds has one of the worst soundtracks I've ever heard. Unless he's somehow reinvented himself in the past year or so, I expect the TLB theme arrangement to sound like something from Armored Core 4 or 4A. That's to say, not good.

Herrkotowski Jun 25, 2009

Alcahest wrote:
PeteV wrote:

Stage1          Yasuhisa Watanabe

This rox my sox.

I'm not surprised at all. He's done the Stage 1 themes for the Death Smiles and Ketsui arranged albums. I think he's only working on stage 1 arrangements for the time being. What else is he working on? Anyone know?

(and yes, it rocks!)

Chris Jun 27, 2009

Boss             Kohta Takahashi
Stage4         Kinuyo Yamashita
Stage5         Hiroki Kikuta
TrueLastBoss Kota Hoshino

Interesting. I have no idea what to expect from those four. I wonder whether they digged up Yamashita because of her long-term career efforts or to appeal to retro Castlevania fans? I have no idea how she has developed after all these years.

Pellasos wrote:

wow @ kikuta! good to see furukawa too, cant wait.

His name was the only one to make me groan in the line-up for the entire three albums. I hope he realizes that his contributions to Gradius Tribute and the like aren't good enough when practically every other artist on these albums has really tried to raise the bar.

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