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Kewing Darksun Jun 28, 2009

PeteV wrote:

Stage2         Motoaki Furukawa
Stage5         Hiroki Kikuta
LastBoss      Motoi Sakuraba

I see potential for legendary status.
I look forward to this release (and hope that it will we avaliable outside the f***ing CAVE matsuri/online shop)

Pellasos Aug 25, 2009

about the new DDP arrange CD:

had this CD for a few days now and gave it a few listens. some brief impressions of my fav. tracks so far:

Boss             Kohta Takahashi

nice energetic guitar track. already loved the original, burning guitar? indeed.

Stage2         Motoaki Furukawa

even better guitar and not furukawa-boring, like some people might have expected, but not me! very addictive after a few listens.

Stage3         TECHNOuchi

upbeat, but very relaxing. makes sense?

Stage4         Kinuyo Yamashita

maybe the best track on this CD. haunting melody, very emotional.

Stage5         Hiroki Kikuta

not the best track, even kinda dissapointing with a weird live crowd at the beginning. solid work, but nothing special, considering i've heard similar arrangements of this track.

LastBoss      Motoi Sakuraba

this one could very well be a last boss track in your favorite RPG. very powerful with a rich piano line.

TrueLastBoss Kota Hoshino

DnB vibes + heavy guitar = wonderful.

Ending         Tomoko Sasaki

also a contender for best track on this CD. it's a vocal track with lots of synthie warped vocal parts, similar to amethyst caverns on the recent shatter OST. the source track is already great on it's own, but this arrangement is simply perfect to my ears and a fitting end.

i'm more than happy with this OST.

packaging is allright, but nothing special like DDP dai-fukkatsu.

Herrkotowski Aug 25, 2009

Awesome insight. I should have mine sometime next week so I'll be sure to put my two cents in as well. Could you elaborate on the style of Sakuraba's? Is it progressive rock based?

Herrkotowski Aug 26, 2009

When I first heard who was composing what, I listened to the originals. I had his pegged for either one of his progressive rock arrangements or an orchestral arrangement. It would have fit either way I think.

I haven't been let down by a single arrangement from any of these Cave arrange albums this year so I suspect this will also be amazing.

Zorbfish Aug 28, 2009

How are you guys getting ahold of this one? I had no trouble snagging a copy of the Ketsui arrange but this one is proving more a challenge.

Herrkotowski Aug 28, 2009

I was fortunate to find a buy it now on YJA. Paid a bit more than I would have liked, but in the end, from my previous arrange album experiences from Cave, and Pellasos' description, I think it will be worth it.

Carl Oct 7, 2009 (edited Oct 7, 2009)

Thread revival.

Some other arrangers finally sent back their answers from the Q+A emails I had sent out while preparing the vgmdb podcast review of the album.

So now a 3-way Interview article is up on OSV about the Ketsui Arrange CD.

Hope you enjoy reading.

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