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XLord007 Mar 18, 2013

Anyone else going to PAX East this week in Boston? This will be my first PAX show, and I'm pretty excited. I've only been to E3 shows before, so I'm curious to see how a more fan oriented show is run.

Ugly Bob Mar 18, 2013

PAX East isn't really fan orientated, as the only panels you will see are industry or guest related. It's still a fun event, but my passion is for discussion about my favorite games with fellow fans and this isn't a possibility at PAX East.

I've been the first 3 years, and it's always seemed more about long lines that anything else. The retro museums are a nice touch though.

Let us know what you think about the event afterwards.

XLord007 Mar 21, 2013

Ugly Bob wrote:

it's always seemed more about long lines that anything else.

Yeah, I'm a little worried about those. I figure it must be pretty bad when they have a dedicated twitter account just to tweet about the lines. Too bad they don't offer VIP passes for higher prices for those who don't like waiting.

XLord007 Mar 26, 2013

So I attended my first PAX show this weekend in Boston for PAX East 2013. I was really surprised by just how tiny and unimportant the show floor was compared to E3 and how much more important the panels and events were. At E3, the floor was everything, but here it's almost an afterthought. The real action takes place during the panels, concerts, and yes, the lines. Oh, the lines. Lines to get into a panel? Check. Lines to play a game? Check. Lines to get food? Check. Lines to go to the bathroom? Check. So many lines. So many.

Anyway, I had fun. I got to see Capcom announce the new DuckTales game live, and I finally completed all of my Street Pass puzzles, even the new one Nintendo released over the weekend. With one exception, everyone I met and lined up with was super nice, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. The VGO concert was fantastic, and I wish I could have stayed to see to the other ones, but there's always next year. The only thing I didn't care for was being treated like a fan. When I used to go to E3, I was treated very well, and I could tell companies wanted to impress me even though I wasn't anyone special. Here, I was just some fan, and that's not as much fun. At least I scored a cool Mega Man 25th anniversary pin. wink

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