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Revoc Nov 2, 2008

I found interesting things of Press Start 2008 performance in Shangai...

The set list is different, without Nintendo pieces (Super Mario Galaxy, Touch! Generations Medley and Baten Kaitos), and with segments already played in japanese past editions:

First half
1. Monster Hunter
2. Mega Man 2
3. Professor Layton
4. Samurai Shodown
5. Ninja Warriors
6. Nobuo Early Works
7. Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner
8. Ys
9. Sonic

Second half
1. Wild Arms
2. Spelunker
3. Shadow of the Colossus
4. ICO
5. Castlevania
6. Gyakuten Saiban
7. Chrono Trigger & Cross
8. Final Fantasy 9 Melodies Of Life (Vo: English ver.) FF9

1. LocoRoco
2. Final Fantasy Main Theme
3. "One-Winged Angel" (FFVII)

Some photos:

Besides, I found some videos and even a bootleg (incomplete and with terrible quality, though)!

Bootleg (in the pink link of the first post of this forum). At 11:11 you can hear Mega Man 2 medley! … o=lastpost


LocoRoco + Final Fantasy Main Theme:

Melodies of Life:

Carl Nov 2, 2008

Thanks for linking to the 1 hour bootleg, even though it's utterly craptastic.  smile

00:00 ~ 01:20  Monster Hunter
11:11 ~ 17:04  Megaman 2 (Crashman probably sounded the best)
17:32 ~ 21:40  Professor Layton
23:34 ~ 27:26  Samurai Spirits (awesome)
27:49 ~ 29:06  Ninja Warriors (completely by Shamisen only!?! Kicks major ass!!)
33:03 ~ 40:35  Uematsu Early Works Medley
43:52 ~ 48:53  ZOE 2nd Runner (can barely hear a damn thing)
50:09 ~ 54:20  Ys Medley
54:40 ~ 59:06  Sonic Medley (different songs than PLAY Symphony ver)

Carl Nov 10, 2008

Seems that AZA artist management is patrolling for PS 2008 media.

I had re-posted the Shanghai video on Youtube, but it was auto removed today per an infringement request from カンパニーAZA.  It's still up at Tudou though, so perhaps they aren't as responsive as youtube is about takedown requests.

Revoc Nov 10, 2008

I noticed the video that was deleted in YouTube, Carl. But, fortunately, the user lidsnake of Tudou uploaded the FULL recording (in audio) of the Press Start 2008 in Shanghai. I ripped all 20 tracks and here it’s the link.

The quality isn’t good as the bootlegs of the Japanese editions shared by your friend, but surely is much better than the all those horrendous recordings, and is very enjoyable.

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