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Rrolack Jan 28, 2018

How are you guys all protecting your CD box sets?  It seems like there are no sleeves available which fit these.

By box sets, I'm referring to albums like the OOT limited edition, Ganbare Goemon box, Gradius Ultimate Collection, etc.

I've thought about just wrapping these in saran wrap, but there must be a more presentable solution out there!

Idolores Jan 28, 2018

Whenever Ashley Winchester and I would send stuff to each other, sometimes he'd put slips of bubblewrap into the cases as cushioning.

You could always get some bubble wrap and cut it to size and slide it between CD's on your shelf.

jb Jan 28, 2018

I'm not sure I understand why some people go out of their way to plastic sleeve everything. If something comes in a plastic sleeve that I can reseal after I'm done with it, I will keep it. But for anything where I have to tear or rip the plastic to open it, I don't. As long as your collection isn't in direct sunlight and is on a shelf in a smoke-free environment, they will last longer than your expected lifetime. I have albums that are older than I am that are still in relatively good condition, minus expected age wear. I would assume if you care enough about your collection to put everything plastic sleeves you probably aren't handling them enough to really warrant a plastic sleeve?

Rrolack Jan 28, 2018 (edited Jan 28, 2018)

There are a few reasons I like to use sleeves:

- Sleeves allow me to display albums with the obi exposed, rather than tucked into the tray.  To me, they look better that way.

- I store the albums in drawers, alphabetically by publisher.  This means that as new albums come in, I move around the existing ones a bit.  This can wear on digipaks, box sets, and other cardboard packaging if sleeves are not used.

The_Paladin Jan 28, 2018

I've asked before regarding box sets and double albums with sleeves (some digicube ones I can get into a double sleeve while others like SaGa Frontier don't want to fit) and other than custom making something, there doesn't seem to be anything out there...

longhairmike Jan 31, 2018

Rrolack wrote:

There are a few reasons I like to use sleeves:

and carrying around a box of kleenex everywhere can get pretty tedious.

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