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Bernhardt Mar 3, 2008 (edited Mar 3, 2008)

If you're like me, and listened to the Phantom Kingdom Arrange album, and heard the two awexome jazz-techno-fusion tracks by Hiroto Saitoh ("Transition of Soul," "Alexander, God of Destruction") you probably wanted more from this artist, like I did.

And so, I browsed this artist at GMR, and while I didn't find a jazz-techno-fusion album/soundtrack, I found a European-style classical soundtrack, Palais de Reine.

CD Japan, Samples, Google-Translated Tracklist: … n&ie=UTF-8


Only little trouble, I can't get an accurate tracklist in English, let alone one at all in some cases (I'm looking at YOOOUUU, GMR!)

Anyone can give little help?

Maybe I'll scan the Japanese tracklist on the back cover, and someone can help me translate!

Deal? Deal!

bishop743 Mar 3, 2008

I really enjoy this soundtrack. Here is an English translation for you:

01 Rosa di Vittoria
02 Those Full of Pride
03 Royal Palace Spectacle
04 The Oath of the Secret Room
05 Going to Town
06 The Night Wind Passes On By
07 Hold That Spear On High
08 Triumphant Homecoming Ceremony
09 A Moment of Peace
10 Governor of the Old World
11 Various Circumstances
12 A Calling from the Other Side
13 The Maidens' Adventure
14 Knight and Sword
15 The Weaving of History
16 Rosa di Vittoria (Instrumental)

Ramza Mar 3, 2008

I've been very interested in this soundtrack, but haven't had time/money to check it out. Maybe I will do so in the future.

Hiroto Saitoh definitely got my attention w/ Folklore. So I want more. smile

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