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Ashley Winchester Jan 3, 2016

I know this show has been out for a while considering season 2 just came to a close not too long ago, but does anyone else out there love this one?

I wasn't really feeling it at first but the more I watched I started to like it.

The show just feels so fresh to me and how some of the episodes connect to one another is just great. Also, some of the open ends left by other episodes just leave so many possibilities.

I really wish I could buy season 2 already (I'm probably the last person who doesn't stream and still buys DVD sets) and that cliffhanger S2 left on...? It's gonna suck waiting given how long it takes Adult Swim to air new seasons.

Amazingu Jan 4, 2016

Yeah, I heard some people talking about this, so decided to watch an episode, and then proceeded to binge-watch the entire thing. Loved it.

raynebc Jan 4, 2016

My friends and I watched the first episode, so of course we had to watch the rest of the first two seasons in short order.

Zorbfish Jan 4, 2016

It really fills the gap left after Futurama ended. I just worry AS will run it into the ground like they do every show that becomes a hit

Ashley Winchester Jan 5, 2016

Zorbfish wrote:

I just worry AS will run it into the ground like they do every show that becomes a hit

I was thinking about this show today because of posting this thread and... yeah, I have this fear as well.

However, if each season only contains 10 or so episodes this may help the writers from burning out.

Most shows go on much longer than they should. I can't believe Robot Chicken has 7 seasons when the last season that was worth a damn was season 2.

Ashley Winchester Jan 17, 2017

Okay, I have to say this. I can't be the only one who absolutely hates the way Adult Swim runs their shows. I know they're not made of money, but to be honest I don't think I will have ANY interest in season three by the time it airs. The gap between seasons is an interest KILLER. I may buy the DVD when it comes out in 2018 or 2019 but I'm not going to make any plans to catch it on TV. Hell, as much as I like the first two seasons I don't even want to watch the reruns at this point.

Also, I may get some hell for this, but Adult Swim, can you PLEASE stop trying to spin stop motion animated things off of Robot Chicken? Titan Maximum didn't go anywhere and I really doubt Super Mansion is going to have more than one season.

Idolores Sep 7, 2017

I just started watching this show. It's incredible. It's basically Futurama on ketamine. I love it.

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