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avatar! Jul 18, 2016

Jodo Kast wrote:

Sega Saturn cracked.

I suppose the same thing will eventually be done with every optical media system.

Maybe. 20 years to crack a Sega Saturn? Pretty sure it's not quantum encryption tongue
Still, what does this do for a player? Will we be able to play old Sega Saturn games? Legally? I'm still ticked that Sega never released the complete Shining Force III outside of Japan (one of many stupid decisions by Sega). Ah well...

Ashley Winchester Jul 18, 2016 (edited Jul 18, 2016)

Moral questions surrounding emulation aside, hopefully this means people will get to experience some of the gems on the Saturn. My time with the system is limited (I mainly own it for Panzer Dragoon II Zwei) but the price of key games is simply insane. I don't envy hardcore Saturn collectors... but then interests are free, hobbies cost money.


Okay, now I really regret selling off that copy of Marvel Super Heroes on the Saturn years ago. Cripes! However, I didn't think I could get the damn ram cart at the time. Can anyone confirm, I thought the US Saturn RAM cart was hard to come by. I can find import ram carts but I'm not seeing any domestic ones. Does that matter, or are they universal?

Brandon Jul 19, 2016

There's been a working emulator for years, and you can use it to play original disks. That seems at least as legal as this.

Idolores Sep 12, 2016

Saturn is an absolute bitch to collect for, no joke.  Especially for the NA market. 

It's a shame since it's such a lovely system.

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