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Chris Jan 16, 2009

On September 12, 2009, the concert Symphonic Fantasies will occur at the Philharmonic Hall in Cologne, Germany. In an exclusive interview, producer Thomas Boecker has confirmed that the concert will be dedicated to various popular series designed by Square Enix. He also gives other new information about the concert, such as details of the arrangements, performances, and guests. Read more here. There's lots more to be announced about the concert so keep checking the site for more updates.

I'm really excited about this concert. Symphonic Shades was a fantastic production in all respects -- arrangements, performances, and more -- but Symphonic Fantasies sounds like it'll be even better. I'm a big fan of Jonne Valtonen's work and will be really looking forward to hearing his new arrangements of Final Fantasy, Mana, etc. classics. I'm looking forward to attending in September!

What does everyone else think? Are you planning to attend?

Adam Corn Jan 16, 2009

Wow I think my heartbeat actually quickened reading that interview!  If I was anywhere remotely near Germany I would be there and in any case I certainly hope we see a CD release.  I'm looking forward to hearing the Symphonic Shades album (soon) and getting an idea of what's in store (and will personally just disregard the Drammatica connection).

By far the most exciting thing is that all signs indicate we will see original arrangements and not just more rehashes of previous ones.

Am I missing something obvious on my own forums or has there been no discussion of the PROMS concert here?

Chris Jan 16, 2009 (edited Jan 16, 2009)

Well, not everyone liked the Drammatica album, but I don't think it was really the WDR's fault. The flaws you and Resk of SEMO noted were more to do with Kameoka's arrangements and Shimomura's direction than the orchestra itself. They're fantastic with Valtonen's arrangements and Roth's baton! I'm amazed how flawless their performance was even live. I hope you like the Symphonic Shades CD too!

As for PROMS, it was mentioned a few times on SEMO, mostly in interviews and event reports. However, I've never seen it mentioned in any forums. It was innovative because it blended classical and game performances for the first time in a major radio-broadcasted concert. I'm personally not too sure what was played although the Grand Monster Slam fanfare debuted there.

Smeg Jan 16, 2009

I think they're passing up some excellent source material by only arranging music from the "Square" half of Square Enix. I was almost interested at first, when I considered that there could be some Star Ocean or Valkyrie Profile tunes smile

Also, Kingdom Hearts = boo :-p That's more time they could be playing Mana or Chrono music, or heck even Xenogears.

Datschge Jan 16, 2009

Even though I'm relatively close I wonder if I should go at all due the reasons Smeg mentioned. I guess I'll grab a few tickets (the prices certainly don't hurt) and decide whether to go personally depending on if any Mystic Quest (aka FF Adventure aka Seiken Densetsu) or Secret of Mana music is played (the only Square games which have any nostalgic value to me).

Chris Jan 16, 2009

According to the WDR website, Secret of Mana will be among the items performed. So see you there Datschge? wink

I'm personally very pleased that the concert will be celebrating music outside of the Final Fantasy series at all. In fact, I'm really delighted by what will be offered titles-wise and don't really see any point in complaining about my cult likings that are missing. That said, I would have attended whatever the focus -- because I know the music would be fantastic.

Star Ocean and Dragon Quest are nice and all, but I think by packing those in the concert might lose that unique fantasy spirit of Square under Uematsu and co. Plus I'm pretty sure they and Mystic Quest are not what the majority of mainstream Square Enix fans in Germany would want. It might also risk turning the concert from a coherent concert into a hotchpotch.

tebian Jan 19, 2009

Chris wrote:

Are you planning to attend?

If only I could this should be right up there with some of the great concerts they have made b4. I still watch Voices on dvd when I want some good music.

Chris Mar 20, 2009

For those interested, Chris Huelsbeck has done an interview too that is translated into English here. Very good to see he has formed a new studio after the Factor 5 fallout and has apparently worked on two new game projects. Also delighted to hear he recently got married; he deserves some happiness after several tragedies in his life.

Adam Corn Jul 15, 2009 (edited Jul 15, 2009)

Would it hurt to actually put the information in your post instead of requiring a link jump?

As SEMO reports, Hiroki Kikuta will attend the concert and be available for a "meet and greet" session (in addition to Yoko Shimomura and Yasunori Mitsuda).

There, that wasn't so hard. smile

Vainamoinen Jul 25, 2009

Adam Corn wrote:

I certainly hope we see a CD release.

Impossible - they'd never get Square Enix' permission to make money with it. sad Unfortunately, I'll miss this concert as well, even though Cologne is 90-minute-trainride away from my present location.

Herrkotowski Aug 26, 2009

It's been a while, and I won't include any links, but there will be four suites. One for Kingdom Hearts, one for Secret of Mana, one for Chrono, and one for Final Fantasy. Each week, for the past four weeks, Arnie Roth has revealed 3 of the pieces for each suite. More will be announced September 1st, but the full list of themes included in each suite will be revealed at the concert itself.

So, in order of suite performance,

Kingdom Hearts

Dearly Beloved
The Other Promise
Fight to the Death

There will be a strong focus on piano by Benyamin Nuss, the soloist, during this suite.

Secret of Mana

Fear of the Heavens
Into the Thick of It
The Oracle

There will be a focus on choir in this suite, with lyrics in latin.

Chrono Trigger/Cross

Chrono Trigger Main Theme
Battle with Magus
Time's Scar

There will be a focus on percussion in this suite by soloist Rony Barrak.

Final Fantasy

Battle with Gilgamesh
Bombing Mission

This suite will utilize choir as well.

Adam Corn Aug 31, 2009

Well there's nothing wrong with linking, I just want to see some information in the post as well. smile  (As SEMO seems to be the official news outlet for the concert it's a safe bet that's where the info comes from.)

You can't go wrong with "Fear of the Heavens", and none of the Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy selections are surprising either.  Here's hoping we finally get a decent arrangement of "Bombing Mission" (with the "Opening" part intact).

And I really hope "Frog's Theme" made it into the program!

Herrkotowski Aug 31, 2009

I've posted a news update on SEMO since Chris is on vacation. … m=&ucat=2&

Additional titles were revealed today.

Kingdom Hearts - Hand in Hand
Secret of Mana - Prophecy
Chrono Cross - Prisoners of Fate
Final Fantasy VI - Phantom Forest

There will be another announcement on September 3rd. From what the producers tell me, it's going to be a huge one!

Adam Corn Sep 12, 2009

The audio stream is working fine but I'm having zero luck with the video. sad  Anybody else faring any better?

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