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Adam Corn May 15, 2022 (edited Dec 30, 2022)

I've tried various habit tracking apps as well as task manager (to do list) apps but I wanted one that could do both, so I built it. It's called Motidayt and it's basically three apps in one:
+ task manager
+ habit tracker
+ notes

It's unique from other habit tracker and task manager apps in that is shows both habits and tasks together - in one app, on one screen. Less juggling between apps = greater likelihood of getting things done.

The notes feature is designed to keep recent notes within fast access so you can easily review and internalize them, at which point you can archive them for later review.

Motidayt is out now for iPhone and for Android. If you could use a tool to help accomplish those New Year's resolutions or simply build helpful habits and manage to dos, give it a look and let me know what you think!

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