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vert1 Jul 18, 2014 (edited Sep 6, 2014)

A SUPERB ATHLETE in action is a joy to watch. To see him playing with sureness and competence delights more ordinary, clumsy mortals. And as we see the tennis star or the outfielder in game after game making the right moves, performing incredible and beautifully executed feats, we sooner or later come to wonder how he does it.

A little of his expertise will be a matter of luck. Some comes from talent. But a lot of it is skill, which fortunately can be isolated and looked at carefully and even learned. Thus, on television we grow accustomed to moments in a football game replayed in slow motion. The announcer may urge us to notice particularly how the player steps to the left at just the right instant, how he turns and signals for the ball the second he finds himself in the clear. We who missed those movements in the hurry of the first time through look now and marvel. And after becoming aware of the various movements, we understand and appreciate the demands of the game all the better--and admire all the more the people who play it well.

Philip McFarland - Perceptions in Literature

This is a thread to post and discuss feats that require impressive movements/maneuvering skill.
japanese school girl chase #ninja

Very cool. Makes me wonder what a first-person ninja stealth game would be like.
Ayako Miyake Becomes First Woman of Ninja Warrior

This obstacle course is better than the American one. (Sidenote: I thought blonde hair was frowned upon in Japan.)

vert1 Oct 1, 2014 (edited Oct 1, 2014)

Ah, we've gone to small and decisive movements. The mastery those guys have over the fear of falling! I think what's interesting is the speed runs faster movement making a path one can follow (the rope) to the slower, less-path discernible, and more terrifying movement of no gear mountain climbers. My favorite shot is the Great Roof one where you can see the immense structure looming over the climber.

Pleasant surprise on post #4.

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