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Ashley Winchester Sep 15, 2015

Really? Live action?

I know I'm probably being swayed by nostalgia but anyone feel this could up being another Maleficent? Ugh...

Amazingu Sep 15, 2015

I was never a huge fan of the original animation, but this actually looks pretty decent.

I liked all of the PotC movies too, so it's nice to see it's the same team.

Qui-Gon Joe Sep 15, 2015

While I'm not sure I'm feeling much one way or the other on this one (the animated movie isn't one of my childhood faves or anything), seeing John Debney's name for the score at the end at the very least piques my interest.

avatar! Sep 16, 2015

Ashley Winchester wrote:

Really? Live action?

I know I'm probably being swayed by nostalgia but anyone feel this could up being another Maleficent? Ugh...

I LOVE the original Jungle Book. I think it's one of Disney's most beautiful works. While I don't expect the new movie to be on the same level, I don't think they're quite aiming for that either. I have to say, years ago when I went to see the first Pirates movie I wasn't expecting much, and it was really good! I'm hoping they're able to pull off a Pirates-level movie.

Adam Corn Feb 26, 2017

I was looking for an old thread and noticed this one. I've never actually seen Disney's animated The Jungle Book but this live action version was one of my favorite movies of 2016. If it doesn't win best visual effects at the Academy Awards I'd be stunned - it's a fantastic example of using visual effects to tell a story in a way that simply couldn't be told without them. The great thing about the effects oddly is that there aren't actually that many "wow" moments visually in a traditional sense; rather you've got a movie full of wild beasts not only interacting with a little boy (without mauling him as they might in reality) but talking with him, and it looks believable enough that after the initial impression you just stop even noticing the effects and enjoy the story.

Speaking of which the story is very nicely done. Given the classic status I suppose it goes without saying, but they always could have screwed it up in the adaptation and they didn't. Only one scene and character near the end I thought was an awkward tonal departure from the rest of the film, but the rest I enjoyed start to finish.

Oh and I'm not the hugest Bill Murray fan (nothing against him, there's just a lot of his stuff I haven't seen yet) but his turn at Baloo is comic gold.

jb Feb 27, 2017

Well, it did win, so there's that! I meant to see it but never got around to it, I'll try and get around to it!

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