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Godai Aug 16, 2006

Did anyone hear about this one?

Korean MMORPG that is coming to the U.S. soon, music by Howard Shore!  The soundtrack is available at Play-Asia, and here is a link to some samples.

Soul of the Ultimate Nation

Jockolantern Aug 17, 2006

I've been listening to that score for about the past... four or five months.  Absolutely fantastic stuff.  Like a continuation of Lord of the Rings as directed by David Cronenberg.  I'd highly recommend the score to everyone who loves Howard Shore's film scores and especially to those who love his Lord of the Rings stuff.  Powerful, epic, strikingly large music.


Wanderer Aug 17, 2006

I have the soundtrack but I haven't gotten all the way through it. LotR music is fine but I don't need more of it.

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