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DeroZorro Nov 21, 2006

I'm curious about this soundtrack. I like Hideki Naganuma's work, and it seems that he made the majority of the music in the Ollie King Soundtrack. I was really interested when finding out that he made a remix for "The Concept of Love."

Anyway, if anyone owns it, how is the soundtrack? Is it worth purchasing, or is the soundtrack not that good?

Also, over here: … WWCE-31037 , it says it's "copy-protected." Does that mean that if I purchased the soundtrack, I wouldn't be able to put it on my PC?

GoldfishX Nov 21, 2006

Copy protected discs are a sticky issue...Some people have no issues playing/ripping on their computer, others have had nightmare stories, since the protection is basically a program meant to screw around with your computer and it installs a media player that plays low bitrate versions of the music on the disc. Just so happens our friends at Sega fully supported them when they came out a few years ago and a lot of their stuff came out on them.

I think Ollie King is a fine soundtrack...I can listen to it straight through twice in an hour and it's time well spent. Boarder 70 is worth the price of admission. However, it didn't blow me away like much of Jet Set Radio Future, which stands out as the ultimate Naganuma experience. I can't think of a better compliment to it than OK (though to be honest, I have yet to listen to the differences between both "Concept of Love" pieces...I thought they were the same song from casual listening).

Razakin Nov 21, 2006

Weird, my copy doesn't state anything about copy protection, it even has the CDDA-logo. The cd just has some bonus stuff, if you check it with PC, trailer and wallpapers.

XLord007 Nov 22, 2006

My copy is on a normal CD as well.  The music is good, but not as good as either of the JSR OSTs.  If you want a really good relatively new Naganuma OST, get Sonic Rush.  Can't go wrong with that one.

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