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Carl Mar 13, 2007 (edited Mar 13, 2007)

Ryo Yamazaki's 2 independant tracks on the Square Enix Bootlegs 1+2 are interesting enough to make me want a full solo album from this guy... 

"Feel Gravity" is smooth-pulsing electronica with piano overlays, and I like the dual currents of Energy & Relaxation both at the same time.  Would be a fantastic Lumines puzzle track, if S-E would ever make puzzle games that is.

"Colored Monotone" is a sleepy and quirky lullaby with "chocobo charm".  Sounds like the Prince rolling a Katamari through a mysterious chocobo dungeon.

Give this guy more composing work!!!

(open to recommendations of other songs similar to Feel Gravity, I need more of that stuff..!)

Eirikr Mar 15, 2007

Very nice soothing track - I've been listening to it all night. Thanks for posting it! This might be enough to get me to listen to those Dirge of Cerberus CDs I've never spun...

Nick G Mar 15, 2007

Ever heard the music in Dragon Seeds for the PS1? The game manual credits him and Kenichi Arakawa so I'm not sure who composed which tracks but it's all amazing stuff. I wish I knew for sure whether or not there was a soundtrack release for it because I'm sure it was called something else in Japan. My XA to WAV rip will certainly suffice until then.

Carl Mar 15, 2007

Thanks for the tip, Nick.  I'll try out the rip and see what it's like!

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