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Nick G Jun 5, 2007

I just saw his name in the title screen credits along with many others for the music category. It's cool to see that he's still on the vgm scene! I've only played the 2 stage demo of the game and I can't say I hear his musical influence in the bgm. It sounds like the same boring techno of the first game. I will probably get the full version eventually as the game itself is fairly enjoyable. Here's a link if anyone's interested:

SonicPanda Jun 5, 2007

Whoa, I thought he retired. Hot damn, this is hopeful news, indeed! Although I hope it's not simply a case of them re-using an old composition of his...

CHz Jun 5, 2007 (edited Jun 5, 2007)

Is the music easily extractable from the game, like in a folder somewhere? I've got a Mac, so I can't play the game or check it out. sad

EDIT: Also, why this of all projects? Last time I checked, he was freelance, and a company making a shareware game doesn't strike me as the kind of place that'd slap down the cash to hire someone like Follin.

Rimo Jun 5, 2007

If it's like the first game, the music should be tracks taken from the "Back In Time" albums (arranged C64 material). On the 3rd album, there's a remix of the "Agent X II" theme, which was originally composed by Tim. My guess would be that this track is used in-game and this is why he is credited for Platypus 2, even if he wouldn't have contributed to the project himself. Or maybe he actually composed new music for that game, stretching the coincidence over my assumptions... It'd be interesting to get a confirmation if anyone could check it out.

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