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Carl Jul 16, 2007

Wow, this one came up fast out of nowhere!!  (under the radar is more like it)

Talk about *CLASSIC* stuff, it's Prime-Grade VGM Steak and I'm loving every bite of it.
Just what the chef needed when the new material is having a slowdown at the moment.

The entire disc is energetic and rocking, there's only 2 of 17 tracks I'll be skipping over and the new 'Sound Shock' Arrangements (sample) are fantastic.

Next album in the Sound Shock series is 'Galaxy Force II & Thunder Blade' on the 26th.
They're both SegaDirect exclusive so head to for ordering!

brandonk Jul 16, 2007

NICE!!!  That's what I'm talking about... I got 'chills' on this one, great soloing in there...thx for the tip on these

Nick G Jul 16, 2007 (edited Jul 16, 2007)

I'm bummed that the Mega Drive/Genesis version isn't included, though. I happen to favor it over the arcade version.

NightsB Jul 16, 2007 (edited Jul 16, 2007)

i am such a huge huge huge fan of super hang-on music. i had to get it immediately, and it really delivered. galaxy force ii music is also a personal favorite, so i've got that on pre-order as well. i'm sad there there's no arrange of "alone fighter" or "take back" but at least owning the originals on disc will be awesome. plus, more mickey, finally.

i'm interested to see all of the sound!shock releases. i'm definitely getting every one released. … 2_ps2.html

01.Beyond The Galaxy -[H.] Arrange Ver.-

GALAXY FORCE II (Arcade : 1988)
04.Scene Select
05.Beyond The Galaxy (Scene A)
06.Defeat (Scene B)
07.Take Back (Scene C)
08.Alone Fighter (Scene D)
09.TRY-Z (Scene E)
10.Stage Clear
11.Ending ~After 20 Years The Junos~ *
12.Name Entry

-Bonus Track-
13.Take Back (Long Ver.) **

14.Scene Select
15.Beyond The Galaxy (Scene A)
16.Defeat (Scene B)
17.Alone Fighter (Scene C)
18.Take Back (Scene D)
19.TRY-Z (Stronghold Tunnel)
20.Stage Clear
21.Ending (Name Entry)

22.Ending ~Beyond The Galaxy~

THUNDER BLADE (Arcade : 1987)
24.Thunder Blade (BGM1)
25.Burning Point (Boss)
26.Round Clear
27.Type II (BGM2)
28.Name Entry
29.Extra BGM 1 ~Take Off~ **
30.Extra BGM 2 ~Primary Attack~ **
31.Extra BGM 3 ~In Conclusion~ **

-Bonus Track-
32.Burning Point (Complete Ver.) **
33.Type II (Complete Ver.) **

34.Scene Select -Mickey Arrange Ver.-
35.Beyond The Galaxy -Mickey Arrange Ver.-
36.Thunder Blade Medley -Mickey Arrange Ver.-
37.Ending ~After 20 Years The Junos~ -Mickey Original Ver.-

brandonk Jul 16, 2007

I was under the pseudo impression these were all arranged tracks...Maybe I misunderstood, how many arranged cuts on the Hang On CD?  How many on others?


NightsB Jul 16, 2007

●-SOUND ! SHOCK Arrange “HANG-ON”-
TRACK 1 : HANG-ON ~愛のテーマ~ -[H.] Arrange Ver.-
-Board Sound Ver.-
TRACK 2 : Title [Composer : Hiro (SEGA)]
TRACK 3 : Main Theme [Composer : Hiro (SEGA)]
TRACK 4 : Goal [Composer : SEGA (Mr.Ishii)]
TRACK 5 : Name Entry [Composer : SEGA (Mr.Ishii)]
-Board Sound Ver.-
TRACK 6 : Title [Composer : SEGA (Koichi“Pretty K.N”Namiki)]
TRACK 7 : Outride a Crisis [Composer : SEGA (Katsuhiro“Funky K.H”Hayashi)]
TRACK 8 : Sprinter [Composer : SEGA (Katsuhiro“Funky K.H”Hayashi)]
TRACK 9 : Winning Run [Composer : SEGA (Koichi“Pretty K.N”Namiki)]
TRACK 10: Hard Road [Composer : SEGA (Shigeru“Recruit O”Ohwada)]
TRACK 11: Goal [Composer : SEGA (Katsuhiro「Funky K.H”Hayashi)]
TRACK 12: Name Entry [Composer : SEGA (Koichi“Pretty K.N”Namiki)]
●Cool Ridersより
-Board Sound Ver.-
TRACK 13: HANG-ON ~愛のテーマ~
TRACK 14: Outride a Crisis -Mickey Arrange Ver.-
TRACK 15: Sprinter -Mickey Arrange Ver.-
TRACK 16: Winning Run -Mickey Arrange Ver.-
TRACK 17: Hard Road -Mickey Arrange Ver.-

tracks 1, 14-17 are arranged, the rest are original recordings from the source. still totally sweet to have. it has all of the BGM from super hang on and hang on arranged, anyway

CHz Jul 17, 2007 (edited Jul 17, 2007)

I saw the Galaxy Force II & Thunder Blade album up at VGM World about a week ago and preordered it immediately. Seemed to just come out of the blue because I hadn't heard anything about that album from anywhere else.

Even before I listened to the Super Hang-On album, I was looking forward to GFII&TB because both soundtracks are great smooth groovin', but after hearing the new arrangements, I can't wait to hear what Miyauchi and Namiki will do with these sources too. And it's always good to get a soundtrack where the tracks are separated instead of all combined into one track.

dma Jul 17, 2007

I also bough/pre-ordered those two.
The best representation of classic arcade FM synth rock & funk with quality arrangements along, just a must to me. wink

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