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Zane Aug 24, 2007

This came in yesterday, and I am really impressed with the album. It has Nagata and Hayashi's usual repetitive style, but the results are much different than Radirgy and Chaos Field. Some of these tracks ("Sex pervert of a silence", "the clean rooms") are just INSANE. It's really dark and sporadic breakbeat, but I am enjoying this album a lot.

The Super Sweep remixes are awesome, as well, giving another interesting take on a soundtrack that's mostly unlike any other that I have. If you dig weird techno and all that crazy electronic shit, you'd do yourself some good to check this out.

Nemo Aug 25, 2007 (edited Aug 25, 2007)

I was surprised when I first played Karous and the music was actually good considering how awful I found the soundtracks to previous Miles's shooters.

brandonk Aug 25, 2007

Define 'INSANE'...can we have a couple of samples?

brandonk Aug 25, 2007 (edited Aug 25, 2007)

Thx for the samples

The only one I can appreciate is the 'Name Entry' screen, that's definitely cool.  The other stuff is way too 'angry-techno' without melody.

PerfectZer0 Sep 1, 2007

I just recieved my copy today from VGMworld.  Overall the soundtrack isn't that bad.  Seems I won the cotton towel with it.  What in the hell am I going to do with that??? Lol. Oh well I guess it was just a bonus for pre-ordering it.

Alcahest Sep 1, 2007

I don't like this soundtrack much. Way too hardcore for me.
I loved Hayashi's work on Chaos Field so i'm pretty disappointed (check it out brandonk if you like hard beats with great melodies).


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