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Ordim Sep 7, 2007 (edited Sep 7, 2007)

Has been done before, yes, but this time by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi & Rony Barrak (the percussionist from the Lebanon known for his performances at PLAY!).

brandonk Sep 8, 2007

That was kind of cool to see.  Thanks

Moses Sep 8, 2007

That was awesome.

CHz Sep 8, 2007

Probably the greatest thing I've ever watched.

the_miker Sep 8, 2007


I <3 Takenobu Mitsuyoshi!


Marcel Sep 8, 2007

Hehe, I love that.  Most of the intro is a lie, though.  They'd met before; I saw them both perform this exact thing at the Play Symphony in Toronto.  Ronny Barrack is the king, though, and I loved hearing him perform in the Black Main Theme and the Chrono Cross Intro that they did here.

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