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NightsB Oct 19, 2007

i came

looks like yet another entry to sega's new sound shock series. afterburner is getting the outrun treatment on november 29th with a complete set of music.

i've collected sega game music almost exclusively for the past four or five years now, and this is by far the best year they've had since i began. even if they've been skimpy on their newer game's soundtrack releases (where are you vf5) there has been plenty of AAA retro revisits. i hope NiGHTS gets an ost by the end of the year.

also, what's up with the sonic the hedgehog vocal collection? CDJ's description reads:

Look back on fifteen years of "Sonic the Hedgehog" with the best vocal songs from each of the previously released "Sonic" games. Includes unreleased tracks, CD debuts, the latest remixes, and even bonus tracks from some of today's hottest artists!

pretty sweet smile

CHz Oct 19, 2007 (edited Oct 19, 2007)


"AFTER BURNER II" <With Melody Ver.>

Kinda curious about what that means.

NightsB Oct 19, 2007

the original versions of the ABII songs didn't have the melodies

CHz Oct 19, 2007 (edited Oct 19, 2007)

Well that seems kind of unusual. :\

I notice the last two tracks on the After Burner Climax disc aren't on the ABC OST, but they're probably just short little jingles. For completion!

I kinda wish there were some Koichi Namiki arranges like on the other Sound Shock albums, but there are more than enough versions of these songs that I haven't heard before that I'm okay without them.

GoldfishX Oct 19, 2007

I wonder...Will this be the first instance any 32X music will be officially released? I can't think of any that has...

LOL@ "Super" 32X.

Carl Oct 20, 2007

As with about anything containing a "20th" in the title, I'm buying it.

As for series organizing, this looks to be the followup sequel to the Outrun Box, and not a SoundShock Arrange. (Outrun Box wasn't soundshock either).

so far, we have:
20th BOXSETS = two entries
SoundShock series = two albums

NightsB Oct 20, 2007 (edited Oct 20, 2007)

nope! it's a soundshock box, and i'd assume the outrun box would be soundshock too if it didn't predate the title. i believe next week's cyber troopers virtual on disc is also soundshock

『AFTER BURNER』サウンドの生みの親"Hiro師匠"自ら責任監修にあたった"SOUND!SHOCK SERIES"「AFTER BURNER 20th Anniversary Box」は、セガダイレクトにて11月29日発売予定です。
『AFTER BURNER』20周年を飾るこの豪華アイテム、どうぞお見逃しなく!

XISMZERO Oct 20, 2007 (edited Oct 20, 2007)

This means more "H." arranges? Sweet!

Carl Oct 22, 2007

Ahh, thanks for the correction, Nights.

I pre-ordered the Cyber Troopers disc from vgmworld a few days ago, even though not much info was listed, so if that ends up having SoundShock arranges too, then all the better!

NightsB Oct 22, 2007

1:New Orthodoxy
3:M.S.B. System ver.3.3~Sally
4:Get Ready~In the Blue Sky
5:Winner ver.1
6:She's Lost Control (S.L.C.)
7:Everything Merges With the Night
9:Higher Ground
11:Winner ver.2
13:Alice in the Wonderland
16:Operation Moon Gate
17:Earth Light
18:The Wind Is Blowing
20:Fade to Black
21:Crystal Doom
23:Absent Lovers     24:Waiting Girl
25:Burned by the Fire
28:From the Moon to Me
29:hypotension/case 02
30:hypotension/case 03
31:hypotension/case 05
32:SDB/comp 01
33:SDB/start 03
34:SDB/start 04
35:SDB/loser 01
36:SDB/loser 02
38:In the Blue Sky -1996 Arrange Ver.-
39:The Wind is Blowing -1996 Arrange Ver.-
40:Everyting merges with the night -SOUND! SHOCK Arrange Ver.-
41:In the Blue Sky 2007 -[H.] Arrange Ver.-


there are a lot of new tracks, mostly jingles and sound effects i'd assume, but it's essentially the same as the original soundtrack. except of course for the two new arranges smile)

i unfortunately don't have the cash to preorder it, so it looks like i'm waiting a week sad

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